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Why study Cosmetic Science : Online?

The graduate program in the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati aims to train students who will become the future leaders in Cosmetic Science. We offer both a Graduate Certificate (GC) and our nationally-acclaimed Master of Science (MS) in Cosmetic Science online to part-time and full-time students. We also offer the conventional thesis-based MS and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical Science with emphasis in Cosmetic Science.

Admission Requirements

Programmatic minimum admission criteria include:

  • A U.S. bachelors degree from a regionally accredited college or university or an equivalent degree from foreign country.
  • A grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 or foreign equivalent.
  • At least one semester of undergraduate course work in organic chemistry and calculus, or related fields; or the equivalent as determined by the graduate program
  • Resume/CV
  • If English is not your native language, a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of at least 90 (internet-based) or 235 (computer-based) is required.
  • Completed GRE with a score of 290/3.0 obtained within the past 5 years, or approved waiver. (No GRE is required for the Graduate Certificate). You may be eligible for a GRE waiver if you:
    • Have an undergraduate degree from UC in a relevant field
    • Have completed a graduate degree in a relevant field
    • Have numerous years of relevant work experience with demonstrated advancement
    • Have a combination of GPA and years of relevant work experience

Transcript Information

All college transcripts are required. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient to make offers of admission. However, all official and final transcripts must be received by the Graduate School by 30 days before the start of class enrollment to secure admission offer.

Official transcripts may be submitted with your application and sent to:

University of Cincinnati
Graduate School
110 Van Wormer Circle
Pox Office Box 00627
Cincinnati, Oho 45221-037

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required, three are preferred. (Applicants are encouraged to seek letters from individuals who can comment on research experience). Letters of recommendation from family, friends, current students, politicians, or clergy are not accepted.

More Information

If credentials are less than required for admission, an applicant may seek provisional admission status, which is granted at the discretion of the Program Director. 

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact the Dr. Ananth ( prior to applying to discuss admission requirements and program options.

  • Course offerings are designed to provide students with the know-how to develop cosmetic and personal care products that delight the consumers and improve their quality of life.
  • These include the physiology and pharmacology of pertinent therapeutic or benefit systems of the skin and hair, as well as those associated with approved OTC drug categories. 
  • Course offerings also cover the underlying physical, biophysical, colloidal and interfacial chemistry and formulation science of skin and hair cosmetic products, and OTC drug products.
  • Experimental design and statistical evaluation, product evaluation techniques (in vitro and clinical) including stability evaluations, cosmetic microbiology, consumer research, US FDA cosmetic and drug regulations, and product development approaches are additional topics addressed in course offerings, among many others.
  • A concentrated one-week hands-on laboratory formulation session at University of Cincinnati is also an option.

As a career focus, the student will be trained to understand:

  • The know-how to apply physiology/biology of relevant skin, hair, and/or OTC drug targeted organ systems as these relate to achieve or evaluate the desired outcome of the use of cosmetic and personal care products.
  • The ability to formulate cosmetic and personal care product types (emulsions, suspensions, gels, solutions, aerosols, etc.) to meet desired product attributes using an understanding of the physical and chemical basis of these formulations.
  • The ability to identify and evaluate potential new actives and benefit delivery approaches from the relevant literature that could provide improved product performance.
  • The know-how to develop new product formulation approaches from evaluation of existing products and the relevant literature, and from designed experimentation to create products with improved benefits and consumer experience.
  • The ability to develop comprehensive product development programs to meet new product criteria and timing.
  • An understanding of methods to evaluate new and existing products for consumer acceptance, performance, and stability.
  • Familiarity with relevant governmental regulations (primarily US) which will help confirm product compliance.
  • The ability to prepare written assessments/proposals and orally present and defend them.
  • Develop project management skills that will enhance leadership opportunities.

Started in 1973, our Master of Science in Cosmetic Science is now globally recognized as one of the oldest graduate programs in the country.  Our innovative programs help prepare students today to gain knowledge of cosmetic science that help them develop as industry leaders for tomorrow. Students who have not completed the GRE may enroll in the certificate program in cosmetic science and have all credits applied to the master's upon successful completion. If approved for MS admission, students who completed the certificate with a GPA of 3.0 or better are eligible to have the GRE requirement waived.   

To fulfill graduation requirements the student must complete a minimum of 30 graduate hours while in the program, with a GPA of 3.0 or greater. A capstone project is required as a final project to demonstrate program proficiency. 

Students who are accepted into the MS progam are eligible to apply for advanced standing.

International students are eligible to apply.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all applicants whose native language is other than English. The minimum score required for admission is 90 (internet-based test). If you have a bachelor degree or higher from a United States university, this requirement will be waived.

Foreign applicants whose transcripts are not easily read may be asked to submit a full evaluation of transcripts by a U.S. agency as an option.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester - August 1
Spring Semester - December 1
Summer Semester - April 1

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Kavssery Ananthapadmanabhan
3255 Eden Ave.
265 Kowalewski Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45267
(513) 558-5856

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