Faculty Enrichment Center

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The FEC has launched a search for an Executive Director to provide conceptual and organizational leadership.
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Program Areas:

  • Career development and advancement
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Social connectivity and wellness

Dear Faculty,

The Faculty Enrichment Center (FEC) Task Force has collected input and  suggestions during town hall meetings and a comprehensive survey. Clearly, you want a center that offers thoughtful programming and a hub for networking and social engagement. One of our goals is to “create a climate of engagement.”

Plans are nearly finalized to construct the FEC on the fifth level of Langsam Library, with a Fall 2019 opening. The task force has been working with the Office of the University Architect to design a space that is comfortable and attractive to diverse faculty, but is also well-equipped to foster innovative activities, collaboration and host events (educational and social) that will be of broad interest to faculty.

Your feedback has been instrumental in not only informing the vision for the physical center but the programmatic areas in which the center will work to serve you. Our plan is to develop a comprehensive website and online learning system that will link you to enrichment opportunities university-wide and beyond the university using technology.

Please visit this website for updates on the development of the FEC. It is our pleasure to service and support you.


Keisha Love
Arnie Miller
Members of the Faculty Enrichment Center Task Force

Next Lives Here Faculty Investment Pathway:

The FEC strives to create a culture of engagement that has a postitive impact on professional development, collaboration, inclusion and community.

The utilization of technoloy coupled with new programs allows us to connect, learn, and engage in novel ways.

We serve faculty from all titles, ranks, career stages, and backgrounds by employing culturally inclusive practices, policies and programs.

Future Satellite Centers

In the coming years, we will construct satellite centers on East Campus, UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont to ensure that all faculty are afforded the opportunity to engage.