Faculty Enrichment Center

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Program Areas:

  • Career development and advancement
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Social connectivity and wellness

The Faculty Enrichment Center strives to serve as an intellectual and social commons for faculty. The FEC strives to accomplish four primary goals:

  • Drive professional development and career advancement
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Promote a culture of inclusion
  • Enhance social and personal well-being

As such, with input from faculty, the FEC offers robust programs and activities in four primary areas that correspond to its goals. All faculty are welcome to attend programs in the FEC and are encouraged to lead workshops, seminars, and/or lectures in their areas of expertise that would benefit the UC community. For program offerings or to register for a workshop, please visit Faculty Development OneStop and select Professional Development.

In addition to enriching programs, the FEC offers a variety of technologically enhanced spaces to meet all of your needs. The 4K high-definition conference room offers lightning-fast internet speeds, which makes teleconferencing fast and reliable. Nearly all of the conference rooms have computers, 55+ inch monitors, web-conferences, and video recording capabilities. Smaller rooms are available for reading and writing. Project rooms are available for research meetings, planning meetings, meetings with your students and/or collaborators, and more. Two lounge areas, a kitchenette, fresh coffee, and daily lockers are available for your convenience. Rooms can be reserved through the schedule assistant in Outlook 365.

The Faculty Enrichment Center awaits you.


Lunch & Learn: "Information Overload"

Wed. Sept. 11, 2019
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Faculty Enrichment Center, Langsam 540G/F

Do you feel inundated with emails?  Do you feel like processes and tools constantly change? Come share your experiences, and solutions. Lunch & Learn will be facilitated by CCM faculty member Michelle Conda, head of keyboard studies and recent faculty spotlight.This is a brown bag lunch session; please bring your own lunch.


Next Lives Here Faculty Investment Pathway:

The FEC strives to create a culture of engagement that has a postitive impact on professional development, collaboration, inclusion and community.

The utilization of technoloy coupled with new programs allows us to connect, learn, and engage in novel ways.

We serve faculty from all titles, ranks, career stages, and backgrounds by employing culturally inclusive practices, policies and programs.

Future Satellite Centers

In the coming years, we will construct satellite centers on East Campus, UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont to ensure that all faculty are afforded the opportunity to engage.