Campus Life

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Student life

Student Affairs advocates for and meets students' diverse needs by providing innovative co-curricular experiences that enhance well-being, foster life and academic skill development, engender responsibility and grow leadership capability. The division’s work is driven through four strategic pillars:

  1. Accessible Culture of Academic Success
  2. Holistic Student Development
  3. Intentional Student Advocacy
  4. Engaging Experiences and Relationships

Student Affairs programs and services are critical to students’ ability to establish their sense of belonging on campus, develop career-readiness skills and support timely progression toward graduation. To maintain these activities and programs in a safe manner, Student Affairs will modify the co-curricular experience to ensure students can remain highly engaged in campus activities while being supported through the delivery of impactful services and programs.

Programs and services that are able to remain in-person will abide by physical distancing guidelines, uphold the campus requirement of wearing a facial covering, and encourage safe hygiene practices of using hand sanitizer and the frequent sanitization of surfaces. These expectations will be clearly communicated to students and staff through a required health and safety training, as well as through campus signage and social norming campaigns.

Online and hybrid programs—both synchronous and asynchronous—will be provided in accessible formats for all students to participate. Online programs will vary from one-on-one advising and mentoring, student organization meetings and trainings, leadership programs, telehealth therapy and social programming. Face-to-face programs and services are dependent upon population density requirements. Face-to-face programs and services will also be offered online for students who are unable to participate in person. Student Affairs will continue to communicate campus programs and activities through the online engagement portal, CampusLINK and through the Corq calendar app.

Throughout the academic year, the Division of Student Affairs will continuously monitor student needs and engagement trends through formal and informal feedback channels and make updates to programs and service delivery accordingly to ensure student satisfaction and engagement goals are met.

The functions and services of the Division of Student Affairs are conducive to remote work for many staff. Additionally, we will include staff office rotations to ensure timely program and service delivery.