Campus Events

See the Ohio Department of Health order, dated April 5, 2021, on social distancing, facial coverings and non-congregating.

Also, on March 2, 2021, the Ohio Department of Health issued revised orders related to mass gatherings in the state. 

These orders continue to limit all public and private gatherings of greater than 10 people occurring outside a single residence and the real estate on which it is located, or an apartment, condominium, or dormitory living unit are prohibited. Exceptions are noted in the order.

Also on March 2, 2021, updated requirements were issued related to sports and entertainment venues.

On March 11, 2021, the Ohio Department of Health issued an exception for fairs and animal exhibitions.

Important reminders

The limits and updates on mass gatherings continue to require  

  • Facial coverings 

  • Social distance requirements 

The university reserves the right to apply its own event restrictions equal to or greater than ODH limitations at any time, as based on determinations around campus health and safety.

Please remember that any student who fails to abide by UC’s COVID-19 guidelines and state-issued mandates may be subject to charges under the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC). Students identified as not complying with guidelines risk being placed on interim suspension. This includes not wearing masks, attending parties or gatherings that occur on- or off-campus that exceeds safety guidelines, or engaging in behavior that may endanger the UC community. Students who are placed on interim suspension are prohibited from completing courses, being physically present on campus, and participating in university activities, events, and student organizations.

Events can significantly increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19. As such, events must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with consideration to the importance of the event as related to the mission of the university and the cultural life of the campus, as well as the ability to conduct in-person events within established safety protocols that include social distancing, facial coverings and sanitization.

The larger the number of persons that come into close contact in tighter spaces, the greater the risk of exposure to those in attendance. By comparison, outdoor events offer the benefit of fresh air and in many cases, increased social distance which typically improves the health and safety environment for all participants. Nevertheless, consideration will continue to be given to conducting events online whenever deemed appropriate to do so.       

As such, before buying tickets to physically attend any campus event, make certain that ticket refund policies are fully understood and agreeable as those will vary dependent on the respective venue at which an event is scheduled to take place. Athletics, theater and other campus events have different ticket refund policies and it is strongly recommended that all participants fully understand those policies because of the changing environment in which we currently find ourselves.

With priority given to the health and safety of event attendees, several guidelines established by ODH and CDC, including those listed below have been adopted by the university and will apply to campus events:

 Ohio Department of Health

  • 10 person gathering limit 
  • Facial coverings 
  • Social distance requirements
  • Hand sanitizer

CDC Guidelines for Events

Outdoor Events

The limitations on gatherings in terms of social distancing (6 feet) and individuals (10-person limit) applies outdoors as well.

Moreover, the university has imposed use limitations on outdoor spaces in order to safeguard health and to promote social distancing. At the following outdoor spaces, you will find signage indicating the below overall limits to use of the space:

  • Gettler Field (outdoor track and its midfield): No more than 100 at any one time.
  • Nippert Stadium: No more than 100 on the field for recreational use at any one time.
  • Sigma Sigma Commons: No more than 100 in the greenspace at any one time for recreational use.
  • Sheakley Field: No more than 50 in the recreational space at any one time.
Please note that in addition to the above overall space limitations, all users are to maintain social distance and limit any individual grouping to no more than 10.