Social Distancing

We know that social distancing can be a preventative measure and encourage all individuals to social distance when and where appropriate.

Shared office/work areas 
We will currently continue to plan for social distancing for all shared office and workspaces where individuals are or may be sharing space for an entire work shift or day.

Current plans call for no established social distancing of furniture in classroom spaces, as classes routinely meet for much shorter durations than a full 8-hour work day or shift. 

A review of campus classrooms by centrally scheduled and college-scheduled spaces demonstrates that a very high percentage of classroom spaces have flexible/moveable furniture that can be spread out to ensure sufficient social distancing.  

Also, see current requirements around facial coverings.

Individuals who have not been fully vaccinated are asked to maintain social distancing in all indoor and outdoor spaces. Individuals who are not social distancing are attesting to compliance with this.