Co-op and Research

If your co-op position is effected, students are required to inform their co-op faculty advisor through email and the Co-op Status Change Notification Form.

All students who are in good standing with their employer and thus completed 10 weeks of co-op this term are receiving full co-op credit for the term.

Summer Co-op and Research

In accordance with the latest State of Ohio guidelines, UC has determined that face-to-face co-op, internships, and service learning may resume on Monday, May 25. Additionally, undergraduate students employed by UC faculty or other researchers may resume face-to-face work on June 1 at the discretion of the Principal Investigator (PI). All face-to-face experiential learning including co-op, internship, service learning, and undergraduate student research may resume under certain conditions. To view a complete list of the applicable conditions, please visit the Career Education website.

UC will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, requests for students to co-op for the summer who are currently in CDC Level 3 countries. Students currently in the U.S. with scheduled co-ops for summer semester 2020 in a CDC Level 3 country should consult with their ELCE advisor or college career coach to identify other options.

Additionally, UC students are reminded that anyone in the UC community returning from international travel must register with University Health Services (UHS) via and receive specific guidance from UHS before returning to campus.