COVID Check App

The University of Cincinnati is utilizing COVID Check to help safeguard the campus community. Members of the UC community are asked to use the app to complete a Daily Health Check, based on CDC guidelines, and self-report if diagnosed with COVID-19.



Here’s how the UC COVID Check app works:

  • Log in using UC's secure Single Sign On system. UC guests can create a guest account.
  • Once logged in users answer a series of health-related questions, based on CDC guidelines, as part of the Daily Health Check.
  • Based on answers, users receive a “Green Pass” to come to or move about campus or a “Red Pass” to isolate. If a Red Pass is issued, a member of UC’s health care response team personally connects with the user within 24-48 hours to provide additional information and next steps.
  • Information from the app is sent to the secure case management system to track cases and identify trends including potential hot spots allowing science to guide decision-making.

Download the COVID Check app

UC's COVID Check app is free and easy to use. It can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A web-based REDCap survey is also available.

The app is synched with the university’s secure Single-Sign On system. The University of Cincinnati takes individual privacy seriously. The app does not use GPS tracking.

Daily Health Check

Students are required to complete a Daily Health Check and show their Daily Green Pass to enter some campus buildings including dining centers and the Campus Recreation Center. Faculty may also request to see a Daily Green Pass from students before allowing classroom or lab entry.

The app also includes information about symptoms of COVID-19 and self-reporting capabilities if a member of the UC Community is diagnosed with COVID-19. The Daily Health Check includes a series of short questions based on CDC guidelines. Non-app users can complete daily health checks using the web-based Red Cap survey.