COVID Check App

The University of Cincinnati is utilizing COVID Check to help safeguard the campus community. Members of the UC community are asked to use the app to complete a Daily Health Check, based on CDC guidelines, and self-report if diagnosed with COVID-19.

Download the COVID Check App

UC's COVID Check app is free and easy to use. It can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A web-based REDCap survey is also available.

The app is synched with the university’s secure Single-Sign On system. The University of Cincinnati takes individual privacy seriously. The app does not use GPS tracking.

Daily health check

Students are required to complete a daily health check and show their Daily Green Pass to enter some campus buildings including dining centers, the Campus Recreation Center, libraries and Tangeman University Center. Faculty may also request to see a Daily Green Pass from students before allowing classroom or lab entry.

The app also includes information about symptoms of COVID-19 and self-reporting capabilities if a member of the UC Community is diagnosed with COVID-19. The Daily Health Check includes a series of short questions based on CDC guidelines. Non-app users can complete daily health checks using the web-based Red Cap survey. 

How to use the UC COVID Check app

  • Log in using UC's secure Single Sign On system. UC guests can create a guest account.
  • Once logged in, users answer a series of health-related questions, based on CDC guidelines, as part of the Daily Health Check.
  • Based on answers, users receive a “Green Pass” to come or move about campus; a “Yellow Pass,” which limits campus access; or a “Red Pass” to quarantine or isolate. If a "Red Pass" is issued, a member of UC’s health care response team personally connects with the user within 24-48 hours to provide additional information and next steps.
  • Information from the app is sent to the secure case management system to track cases and identify trends including potential hot spots allowing science to guide decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app is a way to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible to come to campus, classes and activities on a daily basis.

Members of the campus community are asked to complete a brief Daily Health Check, based on CDC guidelines to receive a Green Pass to come to or move about campus.  The UC COVID Check app also has self-reporting capabilities.

It helps ensure that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 does not interact with the campus community. The app also helps us identify and care for those in need and make informed decisions to protect our campus community.  

Faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus.  

Students are required to use the app if they come to campus or live on campus, but every member of the campus community is encouraged to participate to help keep everyone safer. The university relies on each and every community member to do their part to help keep the campus community healthy.

The App will be checked for those seeking admission to: 

  • In-person classes or labs
  • Research labs and facilities
  • Libraries  
  • Dining Halls 
  • Tangeman University Center
  • Campus Recreation Center 

Faculty may also request to see a Daily Green Pass from students before allowing classroom or lab entry.

Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you must obtain consent from your parent/guardian to use the COVID Check App.  By using this App, you are verifying that you have obtained consent from your parent/guardian.

A web-based survey, REDCap is available for individuals who do not want to use the App. A Green Pass can be given if you complete the Daily Health Check using REDCap.  

If you have symptoms, you will receive a call and/or email within 24-48 hours from our case investigators, who will provide guidance on next steps.

If further action is deemed necessary, such as testing or contact tracing, the case investigator will obtain necessary details like onset dates of symptoms, close contacts, etc. The name of any individual reporting symptoms will not be shared in the contract tracing process.

Remember that if you maintain strict social distancing and remain at least 6 feet away from others, you will not likely be exposed to any infectious virus. The exception to this is roommates who share a sleeping space. Roommates sharing a sleeping space will require quarantine.

The UC COVID Check app is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

A web-based survey, REDCap is available for non-app users. If you experience technical trouble with the app, please contact the IT@UC Help Desk.  


Your information will be used to help keep you and others safe. Privacy will be pursuant to FERPA and in accordance with the University Data Governance and Classification Policy.  

All students will begin Spring Semester with a UC COVID Check App “Yellow Pass.”  On January 5 when the COVID Check App status of all UC students  turned "Yellow," it signified limited access to campus facilities until students complete (and receive results from) the free, fast Return to Campus COVID-19 testing to be offered on campus thru Jan. 24.

If your Return to Campus COVID test is negative, your COVID Check App will turn to a "Green Pass," and you will receive notification at your UC email regarding your negative test result.

If your Return to Campus COVID test is positive, your COVID Check App will immediately turn to a "Red Pass" as results return from Wild Health Laboratories. You will subsequently be personally contacted by a member of UC’s health care response team to provide you additional information and next steps.