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This is where you'll push forward through uncharted territory. Beyond uncertainty. All the way forward, to your unlimited future. 

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Cincinnati invented cooperative education more than 100 years ago. So it only makes sense that we continue to innovate all aspects of experience-based learning—from internships and service spring breaks, to virtual co-ops and capstone projects. 

It starts with the Bearcat Promise, our innovative tech- and human-supported guide, that helps students co-design their ideal future. With checkpoints at every step of your academic journey, you’ll graduate with a degree in one hand and a career plan in the other. 

This is where next-level thinking meets next-level solving. Whether through transdisciplinary opportunities with UC Forward or collaborations with industry partners at our 1819 Innovation Hub, a UC education is relevant, real, and focused on changing the world.

Nestled in a landscape covered by hills and scenic vistas overlooking the Ohio River, Cincinnati has recently transformed its urban core. Whether you’re looking for professional connections, creative inspiration or just a great place to make memories with friends, our city has it. The center of culture and commerce for a region of more than 2 million people, the “Queen City” is an important hub — home to nine Fortune 500 companies and laying claim to one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the nation. This is where next-level thinking meets next-level solving.