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Office of the Registrar

Registration Information


Registration How to Guide

The How to Guide details information on how to register at the University of Cincinnati. Tutorials, links, and forms are included.

Class Permissions

While registering for classes, students may encounter various errors that prevent them from registering. These errors include: closed class, requisites not met, department consent required, instructor consent required, and late adds. The Class Permissions Procedures outline how students can gain access to these classes. 

Wait Lists

Wait lists are a tool to help students get automatically enrolled into classes that are full. If a class is full but has an available wait list (noted by a yellow triangle in the Schedule of Classes), students may be able to add themselves to the wait list. Once seats open up, students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Course Offerings

View Class Offerings

Here you can search classes for current and future terms as long as the term has been made available by the University.

Browse Course Catalog

The Course Catalog allows you to browse the current iteration of courses taught or previously taught at the University of Cincinnati. Unfortunately, courses offered under the quarter system are not listed here. For course descriptions for quarter courses, please email us at

Class Schedule Builder

Class Schedule Builder is a scheduling tool that allows you to simultaneously search the class offerings and create a personalized schedule that is free of time conflicts.

Student Services

Catalyst Login

Catalyst is the student information system at the University of Cincinnati. You will need your username (6+2) and password to login. You can visit One Stop's Personal Information page if you need help finding your username.

One Stop Student Services

The One Stop Student Service Center is a real place as well as a virtual one, designed to help you meet your education goals through centralized support, financial assistance, and commitment to service. They are the integrated customer service area representing the offices of the Bursar, Registrar, and Student Financial Aid.

College of Law Registrar

University of Cincinnati College of Law students register directly with their college.

College of Medicine Registrar

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine students register directly with their college.


Cancelled Classes

Here the policy is outlined in the event that a college or department cancels a class.

Late Registration Policy, Late Registration Fee, & Tuition Overload

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the Late Registration Policy, Late Registration Fee, and possible Tuition Overload associated with adding a class after open registration has ended.

Early Registration for Continuing Students

Students who have registered for University of Cincinnati classes within the last three (3) semesters will be granted an Early Registration Appointment.

Disenrollment of Class Registrations for Unmet Prerequisites

Student enrollments for the next semester's classes are dropped automatically for unmet course prerequisites. This procedure is enacted following the end of fall, spring, and summer semesters for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Special Registration Programs

Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3)

The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection enables a matriculated, degree-seeking student at a GC3 member institution to take courses at another GC3 member institution.

Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE)

The Southwester Ohio Council for Higher Education enables a matriculated, degree-seeking student at a SOCHE member institution to take courses at another SOCHE member institution.