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Catalyst Student Portal Class Schedule Builder

Class Schedule Builder Tutorial Video

What is the Class Schedule Builder?  

The Class Schedule Builder is a new Catalyst Student Portal tool to help students plan their semester by selecting an optimal class schedule based on their academic and personal needs.  The tool allows for the selection of several courses within a term and displays the many class scheduling options based on each section's class meeting information.  The generated results will provide scheduling options that are conflict free. 

You can add filters, add preferences, and make class section selections that narrow the hundred or thousands of possible class schedules to that one optimal class schedule.  You may then move send that selected class schedule to your Catalyst shopping cart.  You must then navigate to the shopping cart to register for those classes.

Please note: the class schedule builder does not register you into classes.  You must go to the shopping cart to enroll in those classes.

How do I find Class Schedule Builder?

  • Log in to Catalyst
  • Click the "My Academics" tab
  • Under "Search Navigation" on the left side of the screen, click "Classes and Schedule"
  • Click "Class Schedule Builder"  

Who can create a schedule?

Students can easily create the most optimal schedule by using this interactive tool.  They may also work with their advisor.

Students with disability

Students with disabilities can access all features of Class Schedule Builder by clicking on the icon at any time, rendering all features accessible via a screen reader.