Board Minutes

There are two documents for each meeting: Summary of Actions and Minutes. The Summary of Actions is available shortly after each Board meeting. Complete Minutes are not available until after approval at the next meeting of the Board. Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader is required for viewing.

Both the Summary of Actions and Minutes for each meeting contain bookmarks for navigation. (Click on the bookmark button  while viewing.) In addition, the Minutes incorporate a Table of Contents. The Table of Contents for each meeting precedes the minutes themselves.

The official copy of the Minutes of the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees is maintained in the Office of the Board of Trustees, Room 614, University Pavilion, West Campus. The text of the Minutes has been reproduced on this website as a convenience to students, faculty and staff of the University and the general public. While every effort has been made to ensure that the web version is accurate and current, users of the web version are advised that in the case of discrepancy, the text found in the official copy of the Minutes controls.

2021/22 Meetings

Summary of Actions                              
Jun 2022 Summary Minutes
Apr 2022 Summary Minutes
Feb. 2022 Summary   Minutes
Dec. 15 Summary 12.15.21 Minutes 12.15.21
Oct. 26.
Summary 10.26.21 Minutes 10.26.21
Sept. 10 Summary 9.10.21 Minutes 9.10.21
Aug. 24 Summary 8.24.21 Minutes 8.24.21

2020/21 Meetings

Date Summary of Actions Minutes 
Jun 22 Summary 6.22.21
Minutes 6.22.21
Apr 27 Summary 4.27.21
Minutes 4.27.21
Feb 23 Summary  2.23.21
Minutes 2.23.21
Dec 16
Summary 12.16.20 Minutes 12.16.20
Oct 27 Summary 10.27.20 Minutes 10.27.20
Aug 25 Summary 8.25.20 Minutes 8.25.20

*No action taken


2019/20 Meetings

Date Summary of Actions Minutes 
Jun 23 Summary 6.23.20
Minutes 6.23.20 
Apr 28 Summary 4.28.20
Minutes 4.28.20
Feb 25 Summary  2.25.20
Minutes 2.25.20
Dec 17
Summary 12.17.19 Minutes 12.17.19
Oct 22 Summary 10.22.19 Minutes 10.22.19
Aug 27 Summary 8.27.19 Minutes 8.27.19
Aug 6 Summary 8.6.19 Minutes 8.6.19

*No action taken



2018/19 Meetings

Date Summary of Actions Minutes 
Jun 25 Summary 6.25.19 Minutes 6.25.19
Apr 23 Summary 4.23.19 Minutes 4.23.19
Feb 19 Summary 2.19.19 Minutes 2.19.19
Dec 11
Summary 12.11.18 Minutes 12.11.18
Oct 16 Summary 10.16.18 Minutes 10.16.18
Aug 21 Summary 8.21.18 Minutes 8.21.18

*No action taken

To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.