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Our brand strategy focuses our narrative and brings out our strengths. These guiding fundamentals are the foundation for all brand communications and design. As the unparalleled leader in experience-based learning, the University of Cincinnati puts education into action by moving far beyond traditional classroom learning.

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Bicentennial Branding


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The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to 1819 when both Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio were chartered. The bicentennial celebration is an opportunity for the university to come together and excite and engage our constituents to mark this historic milestone. Proper branding is crucial to convey the celebratory nature of the bicentennial and meaningfully engage our audiences through the power of cohesive brand identity

Our Brandmark


University of Cincinnati Primary Logo

Our mark is dynamic and invites you to explore and connect in unique ways.

The University of Cincinnati logotype is confident and established, and places the priority on Cincinnati. It conveys pride and strength of place.

Seen together, all elements are anchored to each other, while having a dynamic alignment that speaks to our unleashed attitude.

Our primary brandmark is staged on white, red, or black. When placing on photography, find quiet areas within the composition that provide contrast and legibility.

Brandmark: Secondary Logo

UC Secondary Logo Horizontal

Our university brandmark should always be prominent, legible and strong.

Anticipating that some environments may create limitations in terms of scale, color, and context, use the secondary brandmark sparingly. 

In extreme situations where space islimited or constrained, special use options are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Branding Review Committee.


The Monogram Collection

UC Monogram

The monogram graphic is a highly identifiable derivative of the symbol.

The monogram provides for a robust range of layering and depth.

Shapes deconstructed from the monogram become layering elements to express multidimensionality. Using the collection allows for a greater level of expression and helps convey the active and dynamic nature of the university. 

The College Collection

College Graphic Examples

This collection of iconic expressions represents each college. As landmark buildings change, new expressions will be created.


Our Colors

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.12.26 PM

When used consistently, color is a powerful brand identifier. Our UC colors are bold, strong and attention-grabbing.

UC Red:

  • PMS 186C
  • CMYK:
  • RGB: 224.1.34
  • HEX: #E00122




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For additional information regarding UC Branding, contact Angela Klocke, Director of Creative Services.