15 to Finish

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Too many students only take 12 credits per semester, adding an extra year to finish and thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses, which means more debt.

The good news is that enrolling in just 3 more credit hours per semester, at no extra tuition cost, will put you on track to graduating on time and with less debt.


WHY 15?

Taking 15 credits a semester is really about completing 30 credits per year. For example, if you’re enrolled in a 4-year degree program, completing an average of 30 credits a year means finishing your degree on time:

120 credits ÷ 4 years = 30 credits a year

The math is the same, if you’re enrolled in a 2-year degree program and want to finish on time:

60 credits ÷ 2 years = 30 credits a year



Taking 15 is about taking the right 15. Deciding what courses to take may not always seem straight forward, but fear not, your advisor can help you create a plan to complete at least 30 credits per year - credits that will count toward your degree program so you can stay on track to graduation.