As a UC student you have an academic advisor to provide you with critical information, help you to clarify your goals, and strategize with you about your path to graduation. 

Advisors can help you identify additional opportunities based on your goals and furthermore direct you to the campus resources you need in order to succeed at UC.

Reach out to your advisor to find out, how you can graduate on time. Schedule an appointment using Starfish or look up your college advising center.



Talk with your advisor and use your degree audit to make sure you are taking the right classes and adjust accordingly. Remember, taking 15 is about taking the right 15!

Furthermore, knowing that you are in the right degree program is important. Most students change majors at some point during their studies. Make sure your program is right for you, and talk with your advisor about the demands of the major and what options are available.



The more time you spend on your studies, the more likely you are to get better grades. Devoting more time to your studies also allows you to take more credit hours, putting you on track to graduate on time.

Don’t forget to account for the amount of study time college demands outside the classroom. You should plan to spend at least two study hours per enrolled credit hour. If you're taking 15 credit hours, plan for 30 study hours:

15 credit hours + 30 study hours
= 45 hours per week

Think about your total time commitments including class, study, sleep, eating, work, family care, social, relaxation, fitness, etc. If you are not already, get in the habit of planning your week, using a scheduling template, a day planner, the calendar on your phone, or one of the many time management apps available for smartphones and tablets.