College Credit Plus Academic Advising

What is CCP Academic Advising?

The office of College Credit Plus (CCP) at the University of Cincinnati values the importance of academic advising and recognizes the positive impact that it has for our CCP students. Effective advising will allow for students to make more informed and better choices concerning their academic goals. By working together, we will explore the expectations, risks, and benefits of the program, review the services and policies of the University, discuss educational plans, and make appropriate course selections.

Academic advising is available to all admitted CCP students taking courses at a partnered high school, on a UC campus, or online with a UC faculty mentor. Participating in the CCP program is an important decision in pursuing collegiate academic opportunities as a high school student, and we feel that proper academic advising will be helpful in that navigation.

What Courses Can I Take Under CCP?

Visit the Course Eligibility page to learn what courses you can take under CCP, how you find them, and if placement tests are required.

Risks and Benefits of CCP


  • Course transfer depends on your major or where you want to go for college.
  • Grades will be on the student's college record (official UC transcript), and will affect college GPA.
  • There may be financial repercussions if you do not complete the course successfully.
  • The student's high school calendar may not align with the college calendar.
  • May negatively impact the student's college career if unsuccessful in courses.


  • Students earn transcripted college credits based off cumulative grades in class.
  • Students have a chance to explore various fields of study.
  • Taking courses now may eliminate repeating coursework in college.
  • May lower the overall cost of college or shorten the time to complete your degree.

College Course Expectations

  • Faster paced courses. It is important for students not only to review their classwork, but to prepare for future lessons by completing assigned readings and staying on top of homework.
  • More study time is required. Students should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week, per credit hour enrolled, outside of the classroom to prepare for class, read textbooks/materials, review notes and group work, write assignments, and study for tests/exams, etc.
  • Need for proactivity. Students, not parents and counselors, are responsible for communicating with their professors via office hours and/or by email if they have questions or concerns regarding their progress in class.

Schedule An Appointment With a CCP Academic Advisor

Please note: Advising appointments are for current UC CCP students only!  Appointments may be scheduled through My Bearcat Network.

Gianna Johnson
Academic Advisor  
(513) 556-7677

Casey O'Neill
Academic Advisor
(513) 556-7673

Cayla Boyer 
Academic Advisor
(513) 556-3510

Natalie Musolf 
Academic Advisor
(513) 556-2166


Missed Appointment Policy

As a CCP student, it is expected that you attend all scheduled advising appointments. It is your responsibility to make sure you have reliable internet connection, have a working microphone and camera, and can come to your appointment on time. Advising appointments can have very limited availability, so it is important that they are not wasted.

If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you advisor will end the meeting and the appointment will be marked as 'Missed.'

  • After your first missed appointment, you will receive communication from your advisor. You will need to respond to that communication confirming you have received it before rescheduling another appointment. If you reschedule an appointment without confirming with your advisor, your appointment will be canceled.
  • After your second missed appointment, you will no longer be allowed to schedule advising appointments for that semester. If you would like to take classes, you will need to attend your advisor’s drop-in hours to satisfy your mandatory advising appointment requirement. If you do not attend a drop-in session, you will not meet the mandatory advising appointment requirement and will not be permitted to take classes that semester.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify your advisor within 24 hours of your original scheduled time. If you reschedule or cancel with less than 24 hours notice more than once, you will not be permitted to schedule another advising appointment for that semester. If you would like to take classes, you will need to attend your advisor's drop-in hours to satisfy your mandatory advising appointment requirement.