CCP Textbooks and Supplies - FAQs


Am I responsible for paying for my textbooks?

Students attending public or non-public high schools are not responsible for paying for CCP textbooks. Your school will cover all expenses for books required for your CCP courses at UC. Due to the billing structure, it is important you don’t pay out of pocket, as you will not be reimbursed.

Homeschool students are responspible for paying for CCP textbooks.


When are my textbooks available?

You can check your course listing in Catalyst to see if your books are available. If no textbook information is available, select "email me when coursework is available".


How do I find out what books I need for my courses at UC?

You can check your course listing in Catalyst for information about required books. If no textbook information is available, select "email me when coursework is available". Materials are usually also listed under your course(s) in Canvas.


Where do I get my textbooks?

You can order textbooks directly from the UC Bookstore on your campus. If ordering your books online, please follow these instructions. If purchasing your books in-store, remember to bring your Bearcat Card or photo ID and mention your CCP status at checkout.


I am attempting to order my textbooks through the bookstore's website, but am receiving an error message. Help!

Please email a screenshot of your error message to your CCP advisor.  


How do I get supplies and materials that may be required for my class?

Please email your CCP advisor a copy of your syllabus immediately.  The CCP program will cover required supplies and materials listed on a syllabus (up to a certain dollar amount).


What if my textbook is on back order or out of stock?

If ordering online, books listed as being in backorder may still be ordered. The order will be fulfilled when the book is back in stock. If a book is listed as out of stock, please email your campus bookstore:

  • Clifton Campus:
  • UC Blue Ash Campus:
  • UC Clermont Campus:

If ordering in-store, a bookstore associate will provide a special order form for you to fill out. The bookstore will notify you by phone, once the book is back in stock, usually within 3-4 business days, except when book is in backorder from the publisher.


What if my textbooks are online textbooks or e-books?

If the following message appears in the course materials information section of your course in Catalyst, your main course textbook will be available in your Canvas course at the first day of class:

“Above item is part of a program where course materials are included in a course charge or tuition”

There may be additional required lab books, workbooks, or supplemental textbooks for the class that you will need to acquire from the bookstore. Please check Catalyst or your course syllabus for a listing of any additional required materials. Contact your CCP advisor if you have questions regarding the difference between textbooks and materials.

If your course materials listed through the bookstore include digital textbooks or an online access code, you may add these items to your bookstore cart and proceed to purchase. The access code will be either mailed to you (if you have ordered online) via printed card or envelope, or printed on your bookstore receipt (if you acquire in store). Please do not discard your receipt or your physical access card!


My textbook is not listed on the bookstore website; my instructor has a link to purchase a textbook through the publisher's website. What do I do?

If you are a public or non-public school student, you will need to work with school counselor/school district to purchase textbook access.