CCP Textbooks and Supplies - High School Students

Please note: The following information is for CCP students attending public or non-public high schools.


When and Where to Get Textbooks

Textbooks are available for ordering online or pick up beginning the following semester dates for 2024-2025 academic year:

Semester Available Beginning
Summer 2024 April 22, 2024
Fall 2024 August 12, 2024
Spring 2024 January 1, 2025

UC Campus Bookstores

You can order textbooks directly from UC Campus Bookstores, by following the instructions below. When ordering books, please note the following:

  • Do not pay for your books out of pocket!
  • Do not select the "Rent" option for new or used books (digital rental is allowed)
  • If ordering textbooks for shipping (as opposed for in-store pick-up) a shipping fee will be added to your bill. Please check with your high school if they will cover shipping fees

Purchase Books Online

  1. Go to Catalyst and find your course schedule. Click the Text icon under each course listing to access the list of books for the course on the bookstore’s website
    1. If no textbook information is available, select "email me when coursework is available"
  2. The list will display all required, recommended, or choice course materials. For each book, click the CHECK AVAILABILITY button
  3. Select the desired format ("New", "Used", or "Digital") and click the ADD 1 ITEM TO BAG button (if ordering printed materials, your high school requires you to select "Used", whenever available)
  4. If you are purchasing books for multiple courses, go back to your course listing in Catalyst and repeat step 1 through 3 for each course
  5. Once you have added all your books to your bag, click the VIEW BAG & CHECKOUT button
  6. Review your bag and click the CHECKOUT button
  7. A notification will pop up asking "OK with Textbook Substitutions?" – select “Yes! Replace my book with the condition available” (default) and click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button
  8. If you already have a UC Bookstore account, click the SIGN IN button. Otherwise, click Create Account or Continue As Guest (it is highly recommended you create an account in order to easily track orders and receive order updates). Important: Use your email when placing any Bookstore Charge orders!
  9. For Delivery Method, use your home address. If you are ordering printed books, provide your home address and leave Standard Ground Shipping selected (check with your high school to make sure they cover shipping fees). You can also select in-store pickup, if this option is available. Once you have selected your delivery method, click the PROCEED TO PAYMENT METHOD button
  10. Under Payment Method, select "Bookstore Charge/Organization", then enter your UC ID (M-number) and click the FIND ACCOUNTS button
  11. A list of available accounts and current balances will appear. Select the appropriate account and check "Please agree to Financial Aid Terms & Condition". Click the PAY WITH THIS button
    1. If you don’t see your account listed or the balance is too low to cover your required books, please contact the bookstore (see contact info below)
    2. If you are checking out as a guest, click the PROCEED TO CONTACT INFORMATION button
  12. Finally, click the PLACE ORDER button
    1. Watch your email for order updates. Digital books will be emailed to your email shortly after your order is placed. You can check your order status for physical books and supplies by signing into the UC Bookstore account or checking for email updates. If you selected in-store pickup, you will receive an email when your order is ready for pick-up


Purchase Books In-Store

You can acquire textbooks directly from the UC Bookstore. It is recommended you check the bookstore website first to make sure your required books are available (see bookstore websites below).

If buying books in-store, please make sure you bring your UC Bearcat Card or photo ID and mention you are a CCP student at checkout, so the bookstore can bill your high school directly. Do not use your own credit card to purchase books!


Bookstore Contact Information

Clifton Campus

Phone: 513-556-1700



Clermont Campus

Phone: 513-558-9607



Blue Ash Campus

Phone: 513-558-9492