CCP Course Eligibility

What Courses Can I Take Under CCP?

Under House Bill 49, there are new rules specifying the courses that students are eligible to take under College Credit Plus (CCP). The Ohio Department of Higher Education has a guidance document summarizing this new rule.

Students are expected to complete fifteen hours of Level I courses before moving on to any Level II course for CCP. A Level II course is any course that is not specifically designated as Level I.

In general, these are the types of courses or credits students may be able to utilize towards fulfilling this "First 15" requirement:

Students must still meet any University requirements or prerequisites to enroll in courses for CCP. Students may also test directly into Level II courses where appropriate. Consult your academic advisor for more details.

Placement Tests

Some courses, such as Math, English and Foreign Languages, may require a student to complete a placement assessment before enrolling in a course.

Please contact your advisor with additional questions regarding placement tests and subsequent scores.

Maximum Credit Enrollment

Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester. Students who enroll in more than 15 credits will be asked to drop a course(s) or will be force dropped by the CCP department.

CCP Level I Course Information

Visit the Course Information page to see a list of CCP courses offered at UC.

Process for Course Registration

  1. Work with high school counselor to set up student's high school schedule.
  2. Once admitted to the UC CCP program, meet with a CCP advisor for mandatory academic advising to identify interests and academic goals. Student will receive advising for courses that best fit the student's needs and will be instructed on how to register for courses at that time.

Please note: Students will be responsible for dropping courses that are deemed ineligible under CCP.

How to Search for Courses

  1. Search for courses.
  2. Under the "Registration & Records" tab, select "Search Class Offerings".
    • On-Campus Courses: Under the "Campus" tab (the lowest drop-down menu within Class Search), select "Uptown Campus West" "Blue Ash College" or "UC Clermont".
    • Online Courses: Under the "Offering College Campus" tab (the lower drop-down menu of the two), select "Web - Online." Online courses available through each campus will be noted in the course description.
  3. Browse Course Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.