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Pre-Professional Advising Center

Pre-Professional Advising Center Pre-Professional Advising Center Pre-Professional Advising Center Pre-Professional Advising Center Pre-Professional Advising Center Pre-Professional Advising Center

Fall 2014 Pre-Professional Advising

The Pre-Professional Advising Center is currently hiring two new advisors this fall.  During the hire and training process, there will be a temporary plan for how student advising needs will be met.  The section below outlines the support and initial contacts for each group of students.

Pre-Pharmacy Advising

Corrine Sams, who works in UC College of Pharmacy Admissions, will be supporting advising of Pre-Pharmacy (PPHR) students this fall. Freshmen will be contacted with planned workshops that must be attended before scheduling and attending individual advising appointments. Students can make appointments with her via Starfish in Blackboard (“My Advisor” tab) on Monday and Thursday @ 1-5 pm in the PPAC office. The PPHR workshops will be held in late September and early October. You can also reach Corrine at


James Gaffney, our most experienced PPAC advisor, will take the lead on supporting advising of this group of students as our new advisors are hired and trained. Intro workshops will be held regularly in the fall and can be found here.  Freshmen and first-time sophomore or transfer students must attend an intro workshop before scheduling an individual 30 min. appointment.  Students in science or pre-health Learning Communities will have the workshop presented to them within the LC. Appointments can be scheduled through the front desk at 556-2166 or via email at


Dr. Erwin Erhardt, Dept. of Economics and Interim Pre-Law Advisor, has had extensive experience advising pre-law students prior to his arrival at U.C.  He has previously served as President of the Southern Association of Pre-Law Advisors and on the Pre-Law Advisors National Council. He will be available to meet with students in his office at 323 Lindner during his office hours, Monday - Friday at 9-11 am, or by appointment. He will also be presenting law school application workshops for those applying this fall. Please see this webpage for those times and dates TBA. Please contact Dr. Erhardt at to schedule an appointment or to let him know that you plan to meet him during office hours.

Other Inquiries

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently hired our new PPAC Director, Sue Roth! Sue has worked at both UC and NKU, having served as an advisor and as a director. She begins in her new role with the center on Aug. 18, 2014. Please contact Sue with any additional questions or concerns that you may have at  

First time to the PPAC?

We would like to invite you to attend an introductory pre-professional advising workshop. These workshops are held on different days and at different times each week and are designed for new students. Freshman, and first-time sophomore and transfer student, need to attend an intro workshop before scheduling a regular appointment. These workshops will also be presented at all science and pre-health Learning Communities in September or October. Contact the PPAC at 556-2166 or to register for a workshop!

Returning student? 

To schedule an advising appt, please call (513) 556-2166 or e-mail To help us best serve you, provide your name, M#, contact information, and detailed reason for your visit.

Drop-In Hours

For your convenience, we offer weekly drop-in hours. This time is used for questions and issues that may be taken care of quickly.

Fall Drop-In Hours: Mondays and Thursdays, 1pm - 4pm

*If you have never met with a Pre-Professional Advisor, a full appointment is necessary to best serve you. We are unable to accommodate first-time students during drop-in hours.*

*New Course for
Fall 2014*

PD 3040 Exploring Health Professions

3 credit hrs | T/R 2:00pm-3:20pm

This course is designed to help pre-health students gain a wider and deeper understanding of the health professions and how to prepare for a professional program.


At the Pre-Professional Advising Center, advising is an intentional, collaborative partnership between advisors and students that prepares students to become competitive professional school applicants. Grounded in teaching and learning, advisors will:

  • Promote student engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Foster self-directed learning
  • Assist in self-assessment and career exploration
  • Encourage professionalism, integrity and character development