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Welcome to the Pre-Professional Advising Center


We serve all UC students and alumni who are pursuing pre-Health and pre-Law professional careers.  Our advisors provide a wide range of support as you prepare to be a competitive applicant to professional school.   Every person’s journey to professional school is unique and we are here to help you navigate the process and make informed decisions.  Students are encouraged to meet with our office beginning in your first year and continuing throughout your undergraduate journey to professional school.  

Pre-Professional Advising Mission

At the Pre-Professional Advising Center (PPAC), advising is an intentional, collaborative partnership between advisors and students that prepares students to become competitive professional school applicants. Grounded in teaching and learning, advisors will:

  • Promote student engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Foster self-directed learning
  • Assist in self-assessment and career exploration
  • Encourage professionalism, integrity and character development

What is “Pre-Professional” Advising?

Pre-professional is category used to describe students who have an interest in medicine, pharmacy, dental, law, or other professional schools after completing an undergraduate degree.  Pre-med, pre-dental, pre-law and the like are not majors but tracks that tell us of your professional interests.  Students work with their pre-professional advisor to strategically determine appropriate coursework and co-curricular experiences that will prepare them for application to health or law professions.  Pre-pharmacy is different at UC, as it is a major in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Pre-Pharmacy majors work with their PPAC advisor to complete the requirements for application to a pharmacy school.

Your First Appointment

If you are new to the Pre-Professional Advising Center, your first appointment will be with a PPAC advisor in one of our small Introduction to PPAC workshops.  These workshops are held on different days and at different times each week and are designed for new students. Freshmen and first-time sophomore and transfer students need to attend an intro workshop before scheduling a regular appointment. These workshops will also be presented at all science and pre-health Learning Communities in September or October. Contact the PPAC at 513-556-2166 or to register for a workshop! Once you have attended the introductory workshop you are encouraged to meet 1-on-1 with your PPAC advisor each semester so we can continue to develop your application portfolio of experiences.

Returning PPAC students

To schedule an advising appointment, please call (513) 556-2166 or e-mail To help us best serve you, provide your name, M#, contact information, and detailed reason for your visit.  Returning students may use our weekly Drop-In Hours for quick question issues (15 minutes or less). 

Drop-In Hours

For your convenience, we offer weekly drop-in hours. This time is used for questions and issues that may be taken care of quickly.

Fall 2015 Drop-In Hours: TBA

*If you have never met with a Pre-Professional Advisor, a full appointment is necessary to best serve you. We are unable to accommodate first-time students during drop-in hours.*

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*New Course for Pre-Health Students*

PD 1000: Exploring Health Professions

3 credit hrs 

This course is designed to help pre-health students gain a wider and deeper understanding of the health professions and how to effectively prepare for entry into the professions.