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Welcome to the Pre-Professional Advising Center

What is Pre-Professional Advising?

Pre-professional is a category that describes any student who has an interest in attending professional school after their undergraduate career.

Pre-Professional Advisors collaborate with students starting in their freshman year, helping them explore their options, prepare an outstanding portfolio and then apply to  professional schools.

Whether you are in a major such as pre-pharmacy, or pursuing a career track in the law or health professions (Medicine, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary, etc.) our advisors provide a critical partnership for you to manage this process.

Meet with Us! | Here's How:  

1. First meeting: Attend an Introduction to *Pre-Health or Introduction to Pre-Law Advising Workshop.

(*Some Pre-Health Learning Communities include us in your classroom--this can count as an Intro Workshop)

2. Second appointment and beyond: Meet a PPAC advisor 1-on-1 EVERY SEMESTER to plan and review your professional goals and dreams. 

3. Professional schools look for academically strong and well-rounded students. PPAC advisors will teach you how to EXPLORE, PREPARE and APPLY. 

Contact us at 513-556-2166 or to schedule your workshop or appointment! Please provide the following information: 

  • First & last name 
  • Preferred appointment or workshop date and time
  • M-number (student ID number) 
  • Phone number
  • UC Email
  • Major
  • Pre-Professional Track (pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-law, etc.) 

Weekly Drop-In Hours

For those students who have met 1-on-1 and now have quick questions...10-15 minutes.

Not for first-time visitors -- please talk with our front desk about the Introduction to Pre-Professional Advising Workshop if this your first time working with our office. 

Additional Information

Pre-Professional advisors serve UC students and alumni who are pursuing health profession or law schools and careers. 

We are the primary advisors for Pre-Pharmacy majors and secondary advisors for all other students interested in the professional tracks of medicine, dental, law, etc. 

Every person’s journey to professional school is unique and we are here to provide a wide range of support as you navigate the process and make informed decisions. 

Students are encouraged to meet with our office beginning in your first year and continuing every semester throughout your undergraduate journey to professional school.

Pre-Professional Advising Center Mission

At the Pre-Professional Advising Center (PPAC), advising is an intentional, collaborative partnership between advisors and students that prepares students to become competitive professional school applicants. Grounded in teaching and learning, advisors will:

  • Promote student engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Foster self-directed learning
  • Assist in self-assessment and career exploration
  • Encourage professionalism, integrity and character development

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*New Course for Pre-Health Students*

PD 1000: Exploring Health Professions

3 credit hrs 

This course is designed to help pre-health students gain a wider and deeper understanding of the health professions and how to effectively prepare for entry into the professions.