UC Club Sports

What is Club Sports?

A Club Sport is defined as a registered student organization that exists to promote and develop interest in a particular sport or physical activity while also building valuable leadership skills. The Club Sports Program provides a wide range of instructional, recreational, and competitive athletic opportunities, with an emphasis on student leadership, organization, and team management. The 45+ Club Sports organizations offer students a chance to be part of a team, run an organization, and represent University of Cincinnati while competing against and traveling to other universities. Many of our clubs compete at an elite level and contest for National Championships in their sport.

Our Focus and Why You Should Participate

Club Sports is a designed extracurricular program that contribute's the student learning experience. Therefore, by participating in Club Sports students will:

  • Develop leadership skills and competencies
  • Develop a commitment to the University of Cincinnati through friendships, experiential learning as an organizational leader, and other engagement opportunities
  • Gain experience in organizational leadership, event management, and business processes