Events - Clifton Campus

Throughout the semester UC Clifton, Blue Ash, and Clermont College host a wide range of events specifically with Transfer, Transition and Major Changer students in mind.


Transfer Welcome Events

Prior to the start of fall and spring semesters, Transfer Welcomes are available to incoming transfer and regional transition students new to the Clifton Campus. These events are offered in full and half day options. During these events, you will learn more about resources, hear from public safety, take a tour of campus, meet other transfer students, and, on full days, meet with your college. Participants often feel more connected to campus and ready to start their first semester.

Transfer Welcome events are covered by the New Student Fee ($85.00) which is applied directly to your first semester bill. The New Student Fee covers the student cost of the Transfer Welcome event and various transfer programming initiatives, such as weekly Transfer Workshops, support of Transfer Mentors, transfer information on the UC mobile app, central advising support and services, and credit evaluation and processing.


Summer 2019 Transfer Welcomes Events

Intended for confirmed, incoming transfer students entering summer or fall 2019. We are not able to accommodate guests or parents at this time.

Full day events lasting from 9AM-4PM include an introduction to resources at UC, talk from Public Safety, learning about technology at UC, meeting other transfer students, lunch, interacting with our transfer ambassadors & mentors, learning how to get involved on campus, as well as a visit to your college for a brief welcome. Please note advising is not included in these events.

Mini day events are shortened to accommodate for students who may have limited availability. Events last from 1-4PM and covers an introduction to resources at UC, talk from Public Safety, learning about technology at UC, learning how to get involved on campus, & meeting other transfer students.

UCBA or UC Clermont students: Please contact our office ( to sign up for the events. You will not be able to use the links above as they are for confirmed transfer applicants.


Transfer Workshops

Transfer workshops provide students an opportunity to engage, familiarize, and become involved on UC’s campus. Workshops are typically open to all students who wish to attend, however, they are specifically targeted towards transfer and transition students. Workshops will be facilitated by a Pathways advisor through the Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success, with support of the Pathways Transfer Ambassadors. Additionally, some workshops will be led by various departments of the University, while being hosted and promoted through Pathways Advising.


UC Clermont Transition Events

Please check UC Clermont's website for a list of events relevant for students interested in transitioning from Clermont Campus to UC Clifton Campus.