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Starfish CONNECT

To get started using Starfish Connect, log into Blackboard and click the Starfish link under My UC > Tools. Following the instructions in the guides and videos below, staff are able to set up office hours to allow students associated with them to schedule appointments.

NOTE: As of September 11, 2018, Starfish has an updated user interface. This moved the top navigation bar to a menu button icon in the upper left hand corner that will open the full menu. The guides and videos below are being updated to reflect this change. The rest of the steps are still the same procedure.


Starfish Connect Resources
A Quick Introduction Video PDF
Syncing Starfish and Outlook  

Office 2013 & 2016

Office 365

Creating Office Hours
Video PDF
Adding and Cancelling Appointments Video PDF
How to Schedule an Appointment
Video PDF
Add Location (E.g. Online Advising)   PDF


How do students schedule?

Unless an advisor is also registered as a student at UC, they don't have a way to see, what the scheduling process looks like for a student. The short point-and-click module below is developed to show what this process looks like (module opens in a new window/tab).

Device notice: The module illustrates what the screen looks like on a desktop/laptop. Accessing Starfish from a smartphone and certain tablets looks slightly different, but the process is the same.

Starfish scheduling module start page screenshot - click to open module

Need assistance?

Submit a request by logging into Starfish or request help through the IT Helpdesk.