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About Us

History of CES

The Center for Exploratory Studies (CES) was established at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in February 2003 to assist all UC undergraduate students with the major selection process in an effort to promote student retention.  While administratively housed in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, CES serves as a university-wide advising center.  Originally, CES advisors focused primarily on major selection and transition.  As the effectiveness of the center became well established in terms of student retention and satisfaction, additional advisors were added to serve the growing exploratory student population.  Today, advisors in CES comprehensively assist students with curricular planning as well as the time-intensive major selection process.  Currently, the Center serves more than 1,700 UC undergraduate students.

Academic Advising at UC


The UC Advising community engages and supports students through teaching and collaboration to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.


The UC Advising community will advance a personalized educational environment in which:
  • All students achieve their goals through exploration, reflection, and engagement
  • We are committed to inclusion, teaching, and lifelong learning
  • We are global leaders in advising practice, scholarship, and innovation

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Gray, Robert J

Associate Director, Academic Student Advising & Adjunct Assistant Professor

2617 French Hall


Kennedy, Doug

Assistant Director, Academic and Adjunct Assistant Professor

2620 French Hall


Kilgore, Heather

Assistant Director, Academic

2616 French Hall


Kortis, Kaci B

Asst Dir Academic Student Advising

French Hall


Logan, Allison L H

Assistant Dean

2624 French Hall


Pickett, Matt

Asst Dir Academic

2618 French Hall


Sovilla, Stephen

Assistant Director, Academic

2621 French Hall


Weimer, Kathy

Assistant Director, Academic

2619 French Hall


Undergraduate student workers

Monnin, Lindsey

Academic Adviser