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What does it mean to be a Pre-Pharmacy Student?

  • You have the desire to become a pharmacist.
  • You are exploring the field through employment or observation at a pharmacy, and also by investigating alternative career options.
  • You are excelling in pre-requisite course required by the pharmacy schools to which you hope to apply.
  • You are active in campus and community life. 
  • You are investigating admissions expectations of various colleges of pharmacy.
  • You are working with the PPAC by attending workshops and advising sessions.

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

  • Pre-Pharmacy is a major within McMicken College of Arts & Sciences, however it is not a degree-granting program. 
  • The curriculum for the pre-pharmacy major at UC consists of 78 semester hours and may take approximately three (3) years to complete.
  • The curriculum is rigorous, with additional non-academic expectations upon applying to pharmacy school.
  • View the Pre-Pharmacy curriculum guide
  • Visit the UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy website for additional details. 
  • Students who select a major other than pre-pharmacy but still intend to apply to pharmacy college will complete the same required pre-pharmacy curriculum/prerequistes in order to apply for admission to the UC College of Pharmacy.

Pre-Pharmacy Advisors

UC Clifton: Lindsey Monnin, in McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

  • Contact A&S Advising to schedule freshman mandatory advising andappointments about courses within the major with Lindsey.

UC Blue Ash:  Visit UCBA website to find Pre-Pharmacy advisors

UC Clermont: Visit UC Clermont website to find Pre-Pharmacy advisors

Pre-Professioanl Advising Center Pre-Pharmacy advisors:  Doe Gavin and Veronica Joiner

  • PPAC advisors serve as a resource for academic and non-academic success to help shape students into competitive applicants for pharmacy school.
  • Meet with us throughout your undergraduate career to make sure you are staying on track!

Additional Options

  • Everyone's journey to applying to pharmacy college is unique. Talk to your  academic or PPAC advisors about undergraduate degree options while on the pre-pharmacy track.

BIS-Pharmacy (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies-Pharmacy)

This degree path is designed for students who will complete an interdisciplinary liberal arts bachelors degree in addition to the Pharm-D degree. Students will complete all the pre-pharm requirements in three years along with making progress on degree requirements so that they will be on track to complete a BA degree at the end of the fourth year (which coincides with the first professional year in the UC College of Pharmacy).