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Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget

Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget

The Student Advisory Commitee on the University Budget (SACUB) participates in the University budget planning process as the representative student committee.  This involvement includes informal consultation, recommendations and appropriate reviews.  SACUB consists of 25 voting members, a student chair and vice chair.

The appointed and at-large students meet every Monday at 5:00 PM during the academic year.  A description of the membership, voting procedures, etc. can be found in the Charter. 

All students at UC pay a general fee that is used to provide non-instructional services to students.  In accordance with state statutes, the general fee is to be used for services that are indirectly related to students' academic progression through the university.  Functions such as student organizations, counseling activities, student programs are non-instructional service areas that are funded by the general fee. 

Full time Uptown Campus undergraduates in 2016-2017 pay $398 for the general fee and $257 for the campus life fee per semester.  For part-time students, the general fee is proportional to the number of credit hours and it is separated out on the bill for tuition and fees paid for classes.

All areas funded by the Uptown Campus general fee and a brief explanation of their function can be found here

If you are applying for an at-large position on SACUB, the application form can be found in Org Sync (Campus Link).

For further information, please follow the links below:

Minutes for 2016-2017 and for 2015-2016 meetings are posted in Campus Link "Files" for SACUB. 

Minutes for 2010-2015  

Minutes for 2006-2010 


Doug Donnan

Vice Chair:
Ethan Fernandes

Communications Director:
Jason Waterbury

Deborah Weinstein


SACUB has made recommendations for new items to be funded by the general fee for the next fiscal year 2018. SACUB's recommendations can be found in it's FY 17 End of Year Memorandum.