Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB)

Welcome to SACUB!

Founded in 1987, SACUB believes in creating equal opportunities for all Bearcats to learn and grow as students, leaders, and individuals. We do this with our diverse and talented team who serve as the student voice on financial matters at UC by building relationships with administration and students to advance student interests and reach common goals.


SACUB holds open meetings every Monday at 5:00 PM during the academic year at University Pavilion 320. All meeting minutes are shared with the student body. We encourage you to review them to know what is happening with fee dollars.

Get Involved

Since 1987, the Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB) has participated in the university budget planning process as the representative student committee. This involvement includes informal consultation, recommendations, and appropriate reviews. SACUB consists of 25 voting members, a student chair, and vice chair.

Vacant Seats

At this time, there is a vacant international student seat available. Please follow us on Twitter @SACUB_UC to be notified of future openings.