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African American Cultural and Resource Center

Welcome Class of 2019

Whether walking in the front door or calling into the office, everyone is greeted with "Habari Gani?" which is a Swahili phrase that asks, "What good news do you have?" For individuals who walk across the threshold of the African American Cultural & Resource Center (AACRC) this "good news" is most often the center itself.

The AACRC fosters an atmosphere where lively conversation and debate is welcomed and encouraged, where skill-building workshops on leadership and academic success are implemented and quiet study spaces are utilized regularly. The AACRC also hosts several large-scale traditional programs that mark significant aspects of African American life at the Univeristy of Cincinnati.

Opened on September 21, 1991, the AACRC is poised to become a model for cultural and racial understandingin higher education. The center serves as a resource for enlightenment about the black experience and has become a place visited and used by a wide variety of organizations on campus and in the Greater Cincinnati community.

The AACRC plays a key role in the mission of the university by providing services and support to the campus community, especially black students. The center helps prepare students to become effective leaders
of tomorrow by:

  • influencing academic excellence through programming and recognition
  • providing connections
  • building community relationships
  • recruiting and retaining students