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Ohio Southwest Region Transfer Summit


Research conducted by ODHE, as well as internal institutional research data, confirms the high transfer rate among students in the Southwest Region, yet the universities in this region have not formally come together to discuss possibilities for ongoing collaboration.

We’re inviting both community colleges and four-year institutions to come together to discuss the strengths and obstacles to collegiate transition pathways in the Southwest region, with the ultimate goal of creating strategies to increase the baccalaureate graduation and retention rates of transfer students starting at community colleges. To make effective strides, we will need to foster trust and mutual beneficial collaboration from each institution in the region. 


Summit III

Articulated Pathways in Biology & Chemistry

Date: Friday, October 26, 2018

Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: Courseview Campus/Sinclair Community College


Objective: Invite Natural Science chairs/faculty to the summit and conduct a deep dive into our current 2 + 2 articulation agreements. Discuss how we can best prepare the community college student for transfer into science programs and identify experiential learning opportunities at the university while they are enrolled in the community college. Programs to be reviewed: Biology, Microbiology and Chemistry.


Summit II

Objective: The second summit will build on the knowledge and work completed at the first summit to address transfer from Career Technical Centers to Colleges & Universities. Given this focus, the second summit would expand the number of participating institutions to include Career Technical Center leaders in the Southwest Region, such as Butler Technology & Career Development, Great Oaks Institute of Technology, Southern Hills JVSD, US Grant JVSD, and Warren County Vocational School. This summit will more pointedly focus on strategies to propel successful transfer of students from Career Technical Centers to regional two- and four-year institutions.


Summit I

Objective: In an effort to increase open communication and collaboration between two- and four-year institutions in the Southwest Region of Ohio, we are offering two networking and information sharing events for transfer champions from Ohio’s Southwest Region. We hope this event will encourage equitable opportunity, increased transfer visibility, and increased four-year goal attainment for our region’s students and ultimately foster a transfer-friendly ecosystem for our students in Southwest Ohio.


Ohio SW Region Public Institutions

Cincinnati State
Miami University
Miami University Regionals
Sinclair Community College
Souther State Community College
University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
University of Cincinnati Clermont College

Ohio SW Region Career & Technical Centers

Adams County Ohio Valley
Butler Tech
Cincinnati Public Schools
Grant Career Center
Great Oaks Career Campuses
Hamilton City Schools
Miami Valley Career Technology Center
Southern Hills Career & Technical Center
Warren County Career Center