Deans of the University of Cincinnati

Headshot of Tina Whalen, EdD, DP

Tina Whalen, EdD, DP

College of Allied Health Sciences

Headshot of Valerio Ferme, PhD

Valerio Ferme, PhD

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Headshot of Marianne Lewis

Marianne Lewis

Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Headshot of Stanley E. Romanstein, PhD

Stanley E. Romanstein, PhD

College-Conservatory of Music

Headshot of Timothy Jachna, PhD

Timothy Jachna, PhD

College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

Headshot of Lawrence J. Johnson, PhD

Lawrence J. Johnson, PhD

College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

Headshot of John Weidner

John Weidner

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Headshot of Gigi Escoe

Gigi Escoe

Experience-Based Learning and Career Education

Headshot of Marshall "Chip" Montrose, PhD

Marshall "Chip" Montrose, PhD

Graduate School

Headshot of Verna L. Williams

Verna L. Williams

College of Law

Headshot of Xuemao Wang, MBA, MLIS

Xuemao Wang, MBA, MLIS

University Libraires

Headshot of Andrew Filak, MD

Andrew Filak, MD

College of Medicine

Headshot of Greer Glazer, PhD

Greer Glazer, PhD

College of Nursing

Headshot of Jason Lemon

Jason Lemon

Cincinnati Online

Headshot of Neil J. MacKinnon, PhD

Neil J. MacKinnon, PhD

James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy

Headshot of Robin Lightner

Robin Lightner

UC Blue Ash College

Headshot of Jeffrey C. Bauer, DBA

Jeffrey C. Bauer, DBA

UC Clermont College