We don't haze.

What is hazing?

Similar to our sexual misconduct and Title IX policies, the University has a stand-alone Anti-Hazing Policy that reiterates the strict prohibition against hazing while aligning with Collin’s Law. This policy applies to all student organizations and student groups, including but not limited to athletic teams, spirit groups, military organizations, honor societies, fraternities and sororities, musical or theatrical ensembles, bands, and clubs.

The policy states “Hazing shall be defined as participating in or allowing any or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act that creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person. A forced or coerced activity shall also be considered hazing when the initiation or admission into, or continued affiliation with, a university organization is directly or indirectly conditional upon performing that activity. In no event shall the willingness of an individual to participate in such activity serve as a defense in cases of hazing."

What can I do to take care of myself and other Bearcats?

In addition to not participating in hazing behaviors, it is important to support your friends as they are joining organizations on campus.  Talk to your friends about what they are doing in their organizations, encourage them to find organizations that support their individual strengths, and report any concerns.

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Joining a new group is a great time to build community on campus.  Team building activities should focus on getting to know and individual and celebrating our unique contributions.  Activities that humiliate, degrade, or harm prevent us from creating a supportive Bearcat community.

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Individuals joining groups may feel obligated to participte in behaviors which they typically wouldn't out of a desire to belong.  Regardless of someone's willingness to participate, mentally, physically, and emotionally harmful behaviors are still hazing.  

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It is important for all Bearcats to stop and prevent harmful behaviors, no matter how long the activity has been happening.  Our Bearcat tradition is one of respect and support, not hazing.

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If you notice changes in a friend's behavior or habits or are concerned about activities within a group, it is important to seek help.  Even if you don't know specific details, reporting concerns can help support individual students and prevent harmful group behaviors.