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Our city is only as strong as our public schools. And our university is only as strong as its city. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to Cincinnati Public Schools, creating opportunities for CPS students that support college readiness, access and success.

What is CPS Strong?

CPS Strong is a university-wide strategic enrollment initiative that focuses on recruitment, persistence, retention, and graduation of former Cincinnati Public School students attending the University of Cincinnati. 

CPS Strong is a partnership across UC, Cincinnati Public Schools, and the broader Cincinnati community to support readiness, create access, and foster success for CPS students by aligning and co-designing programs and services in order to facilitate a more robust, system-wide ecosystem of support, with the student at the center.


How does CPS Strong work?

While sudents are still attending CPS, they are educated about college preparation and given the necessary resources to ensure a smooth transition into higher education.

CPS Strong focuses on three main factors:


CPS Strong starts in middle school (grades 6-9) to make sure students have everything they need to take their future into their own hands. Summer programs are available for high school sophomores and juniors, specific to academic disciplines they want to explore in college.


CPS Strong aims to remove barriers within the college application process and affordability. We provide resources that help with financial aid, scholarship information, campus tours, bearcat bootcamps, counselor breakfasts, and more.

Our main goal is to make attending college easier and more accessible for our community. 


Once a CPS student has become a student at the University of Cincinnati, CPS Strong coaches continue to provide institutional resources, encourage academic achievement, and make sure we are creating a robust experience-- not only academically, but experientially.

Of course, success (to us) looks like becoming a Bearcat, but beyond that, the success of CPS Strong means building a stronger and more inclusive Cincinnati.


Why was CPS Strong created?

As the major university in Cincinnati with a large footprint in our community, we believe it is morally imperative to encourage educational outcomes for our underrepresented minorites. We have a responsibility to support the work that’s happening in our city by increasing the number of minority, low-income and first-generation college-going students.

Our city is only as strong as our public school system. CPS Strong works to establish an institution-wide model to engage and empower Cincinnati Public School students. By aligning programs and services to ensure readiness, create access, and foster success, we can achieve educational transformation and positively impact the future of our university and our city.


Learn more about scholarships and grants available for CPS students:

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Lori L. Wright

Director, CPS Strong


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