Ethnic Programs & Services

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Advising, Helping, Developing and Providing

The Office of Ethnic Programs and Services (EPS), within the Division of Student Affairs, embraces the ever increasing diversity of the UC campus by providing quality programs and services that:

  • Enhance the cultural, ethnic and racial awareness of the entire university community
  • Support the needs of students of color
  • Build bridges between the university and the community

EPS encourages academic excellence, positive social interaction, cultural enrichment, student leadership development and community service. We value each and every contact with members of the university community and see every interaction as an opportunity to encourage positive relationships.

EPS strives to actively promote the mission of the University by advancing the growth, matriculation, recruiting and retention of African American, Asian Pacific Islander American, Latino, Multiracial/Biracial, and Native American students. We challenge all forms of systematic oppression that have historically inhibited the personal development of students of color attending predominantly white colleges and universities in the United States.

EPS provides a welcoming atmosphere where students can study, relax and experience a home away from home. We assist in educating the university community through innovative programming that embodies customs and traditions of students of color. We provide a receptive atmosphere where the university community can socially interact, intellectually engage and culturally connect.