Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can See An Exploratory Advisor?

Prospective students interested in learning more about the Center for Exploratory Studies may schedule a phone or in-person meeting with our A&S Recruitment team. Please call 513-556-5860 to schedule an appointment.

What Classes Do Exploratory Students Register For?

For the student who is truly exploratory, classes will consist of a combination of general education courses required for all majors (English, Math, etc.) and free elective courses.  For the student aiming toward one or more competitive programs, the courses will consist of a combination of general education requirements and courses required for those specific programs.  Exploratory advisors typically advise students to choose "common denominator" courses that will count toward multiple majors at the university.

If I Spend a Year in CES, Can I Change into the Major I Want?

This is a complex question since the answer is both yes and no.  The answer to this question depends on which program you want.  If the major you desire is outside of the College of Arts and Sciences, you must meet the transition requirements to get into the new program.  Depending on the student, this could take more than a year.  Our advisors will work with you on fulfilling those requirements by having you take courses that are necessary to be admitted into your desired program.  Students declaring in the College of Arts and Sciences do not need to apply to transition since exploratory students are already enrolled in this college.

When and How Do I Get Started on Major Selection Advising?

Students may begin their major selection advising at any time after accepting and confirming admission to the University of Cincinnati. If a student is unsure of his/her assigned advisor, he/she may call us at (513) 556-6540 or check on Starfish via Blackboard. Students may schedule an appointment by phone or Starfish. See "Contact Us" section for more details. Please be aware that advisor availability during the summer is limited due to participation in the Bearcat Bound Orientation sessions.

What Are My Chances of Getting into a Competitive Major or Program?

Students chances of getting into a competitive academic program are based on several factors including specific program requirements, math placement score, how well they performed in required courses, overall GPA, and the number of available spots in the program. Strong study habits and time management skills are a big part of any student’s success.  This is especially true for students seeking admission into a highly-competitive academic program.

How is Major Exploration Different From Career Exploration?

Major exploration involves understanding different majors, fields of study, coursework, admission requirements, academic skills, etc. This process is centered around finding a student's best-fit major. Career exploration, on the other hand, is the process of identifying and exploring potentially satisfying occupations. If you are interested in career exploration, please contact the Career Development Center at (513) 556-3471.