Transfer Checklist

As a student at a new institution, there is a lot of business to take care of. To help you get an overview, here's a list of general items you should check off before the start of the semester. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and some areas, such as your student financial aid, may involve additional steps.

  • Get your student ID from the Keys & Badges Office. Your all-in-one student ID is also known as your Bearcat Card.
  • Get your parking pass from Parking Services. Rates and parking availability is available on Parking Services’ website.
  • Check Enrollment Services' Transfer Student Checklist. Everything related to your student financial aid, billing, and other items.
  • Install Duo Mobile on your phone. This two-factor authentication is required for use with your central UC login, no matter what device you use.
  • Check your courses in Canvas. Canvas is UC’s platform for distribution of learning materials, lectures, and assignments.
  • Check out Canopy. Canopy contains free learning resources, such as Office 365 and LinkedIn Learning.
  • Rountinely check your UC email. All communication from the university, including your academic advisor, is sent to your UC email address - don't miss important information.
  • Check your Success Network in My Bearcat Network. Schedule appointments with your advisor and other offices central to your academic success at UC.
  • Walk your class schedule and get to know campus. Your class locations are listed in Catalyst.