International Transfer Students

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If you're transferring from an institution outside the U.S., whether a U.S. Citizen or a citizen of another country, the Pathways Advising Team can help (for questions pertaining to your visa or lawful status, please contact International Services).

Below is a list of necessary steps you must take prior to coming to Cincinnati. Please take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding transfering to your new university.



Before coming to Cincinnati

First Things First

Finalize Immigration (if applicable)

In order to process your immigration documents more efficiently please check your email account you used when applying for important information from UC International Services regarding IBearcatsGlobal. Log into iBearcatsGlobal and complete the checklist before arriving on campus.


Get your UCID

The University of Cincinnati takes very seriously its responsibility to safeguard student records and identification privacy. To enhance your identity security, UC has a unique identifier for each individual at the University, known as the UCID. The UCID is your student identification number, used for interfacing with faculty and college advisors regarding your day-to-day student business. For example, the UCID identifies you for your instructors on their class rosters and on your exams. When you contact your college or any UC administrative office, you will provide your UCID so that office's personnel can open your individual records. Your UCID will be linked to all of your UC academic and administrative records - your class schedule, tuition and fees bills, library access, grades and transcript.


Access your UC email

UC students are encouraged to use their UConnect Email for all things related to UC. It is the official means of communication to you from UC. University, College and Program communications will only be sent to your UConnect accounts. These emails will include information and deadlines regarding registration, tuition and fee billing, policy changes and graduation applications. Students are expected to check their UConnect emails daily. Professional and respectful verbal and written communication are required at all times.

To access your email, go to, click Tools in the upper right corner and select Student Email.

Please note: Unless you have already accessed and changed your initial password, it will be Uc!mmddyyyy. ("mmddyyyy" is your full date of birth starting with the two digit month, two digit day and four digit year of your birth; example: March 10, 1996 = Uc!03101996.) Please be aware of the case sensitive password.


Get your Central Login Username

The University of Cincinnati uses a secure Central Login Service for students, faculty and staff to access essential online services and tools. This includes registering for classes, paying tuition and fees, checking financial aid, accessing courses through Blackboard, accessing your UC email account, online library resources and more -- all using the same Username and Password.


Learn about One Stop Student Services

UC's One Stop Center is literally that - A one-stop, central location where you can do everything online related to your enrollment, course registration, view and pay bills, view financial aid, request transcripts, and much more.


Access your Blackboard Account

Blackboard is where your instructors upload their syllabus, lecture notes and other course material. You can download this material online from on campus or at home. All courses taught at the university have a corresponding Blackboard course and all students and instructors are automatically enrolled.

Orientation and New Student Check In

Now that you are matriculated into a degree program, the professional advising staff within your new college will assist you in registering for your first semester at UC. Each college at UC handles transfer student orientation differently. Please refer to the confirmed students page to learn what you need to do next.


For visa holders

In addition to your college orientation, you will also need to complete a “Check-In” with UC International Services. This can be scheduled by logging onto iBearcatsGlobal. This is important to aviod break in your immigration status!

Degree Audit

Your degree audit will allow you to determine the classes still needed to complete in order to receive your degree from UC. You can access your degree audit via the One Stop student services website under Registration Information/get my degree audit.

If you see that you are missing credits that you have earned on this degree audit, please contact your academic advisor and make sure that you have submitted your final transcripts. If you attended a college or university outside the United States, you will need to get an additional Foreign Credential Evaluation report completed and sent to International Admissions as soon as possible.

The degree audit includes your transfer credit from your previous institution(s). This brochure will provide an introduction to the audit and answer questions you may have about credit transfer.

There are many ways in which your previous credit by examination (Advanced Placement, A Level, and International Baccalaureate) can count towards college level coursework at UC. Find out how to submit your examinations you may have taken in high school to earn you the credit you deserve.

We encourage you to run an audit and become familiar with it before coming to campus for orientation and registration prior to your first enrollment term. In the meantime, please direct any questions you may have about your degree audit to the Pathways Advising Center.

Blackboard Tutorials

Before you meet with your academic advisor, you should become familiar with Blackboard, UC’s online student access portal. The following videos will help get you going on day one of your classes.

You will use the Central Login username (6+2) and password to access your UC Blackboard account. Log in to Blackboard and enter your credentials.

Please note: Unless you have already accessed and changed your initial password, it will be Uc!mmddyyy. ("mmddyyy" is your full date of birth.)  Please be aware of the case sensitive password.

Need help with Blackboard? If you have problems uploading a document or finding information in your online course, contact Blackboard Support at 513-556-1602 or via the Blackboard Help Center and they will try to solve your issue.