Teaching and Learning Resources


We take a holistic approach to teaching and consider both the person doing the teaching as well as the discipline, class size, modality, and how the course fits into larger curricular goals. Whether it’s teaching face to face, hybrid, or online or teaching a small or large enrollment course, we foster continuous growth as educators and tailor our support based on their context and needs. We bring faculty from across UC together through Faculty Learning Communities, Reading Groups, and special cohort-based initiatives to build community and explore their own teaching in relation to others.

CET&L supports members of the UC teaching community in integrating innovative and effective teaching strategies into their classrooms.

CET&L empowers faculty with resources and training on maximizing teaching using educational technology.

For resources to assist faculty in making the transition from in-person to online teaching.

Academic program assessment plans help faculty build and support common standards and mechanisms for student learning and program improvement university-wide.


The core of effective pedagogy is a thoughtful and systematic approach to designing innovative instruction. For this reason, CET&L incorporates modern academic trends and cutting-edge academic technologies to promote student engagement, acquisition, and application of higher order thinking. We invite scholars across academic disciplines to bring their scholarly habits of mind and research expertise into the investigation of problems and questions affecting teaching and learning in higher education to promote reflection and questioning about teaching and learning, gather additional information or modify pedagogy, and assess student learning. In addition, CET&L offers engaged partnerships with teaching faculty to help formulate and implement innovative, data-informed course design models with academic technology and tools.

Together with our partners, CET&L coordinates and establishes lasting partnerships and develops resources to enhance the academic experiences of students in gateway courses.

Effective course design can not only assist in making your teaching experience easier, but can also facilitate student learning.

SoTL has two equally important goals: the generation of new knowledge that informs a wider field and the application of results to one’s own classroom teaching practice.


CET&L is in a unique position to advocate for both faculty and students. Through programs like the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative and the Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility initiative, CET&L collaborates with faculty to make sure our campus is a welcoming and supportive place for all students. CET&L also works to help faculty members choose course materials that are affordable for students. Furthermore, CET&L helps faculty design student-centered pedagogies and course policies to ensure student wellness and academic rigor. Finally, CET&L partners with stakeholders from across campus to ensure faculty and students have the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based framework that promotes equitable opportunities to learn for all people.

We seek to promote a campus-wide dialogue around simple evidence-based strategies for designing equitable and inclusive learning environments.