About Us

The Ombuds Office provides neutral, informal, and confidential (except in cases of Title IX) conflict resolution for the UC community, and a space to talk about campus concerns, disputes, or problems to generate realistic options.


As an organizational Ombuds office we maintain membership in the International Ombudsman Association and adhere to the following Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to the extent permitted by law.

The principles of the Ombuds Code of Ethics and those of the Office of the University Ombuds at UC are:


The Office of the University Ombuds is not a confidential resource for matters mandated by federal or state law to be reported, such as sexual assault or harassment. Any disclosures made to Ombuds personnel with regard to these matters must be reported to the appropriate University personnel. The Office of the University Ombuds may still maintain confidentiality with regard to other university related concerns.


The ombudsman, as an informal resource, does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative procedure related to concerns brought to his/her attention.


The ombudsman, as a designated neutral, remains unaligned and impartial. The ombudsman does not engage in any situation which could create a conflict of interest.


The ombudsman is independent in structure, function and appearance to the highest degree possible within the organization.