Our Committees

Each Student Activities & Leadership Development committee is unique in its makeup of students, staff and other representatives. Some members serve based on their position and/or knowledge with relation to the particular committee. Others serve as general members providing perspectives, learning about other units, forming partnerships and brainstorming future collaborations.

If you are a Student Affairs staff member who is interested in serving on a particular committee, please work with your supervisor or director to make sure you have time. If you are a faculty member or non-Student Affairs staff member, please contact us via email at studntat@ucmail.uc.edu or the committee chair to find out more about how you can get involved.

University of Cincinnati is committed to supporting new students in their transition to college, both inside and outside the classroom. The goal of this committee is to successfully integrate new students into the intellectual, social, and cultural climate of the campus community. For more information, contact Kristin Ford |SALD Director.

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CampusLINK is our University Engagement System. The Champions team meets monthly to discuss system updates, and how to serve the campus community at large. For more information, contact Traci Steehler |SALD Assistant Director.

Leadership Week is an opportunity for students to engage in different leadership work to increase their leadership capacities both on and off campus. The Student Leadership Conference, an annual event since 1985, is the culminating event celebrating leadership and learning. For more information, contact Kristin Ford | SALD Director.

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