Student Government

Meet your SG

There are three branches in Student Government: Legislative, Judicial, and the Executive branch. Together these three branches advocate on behalf of students to emplore new ways the University of Cincinnati can service its students.

Have questions or concerns? Contact your representative below or visit the Student Government office in Steger 655.

Headshot of Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan

Student Body President


Headshot of Vu Pham

Vu Pham

Student Body Vice President


Headshot of Rebekah Littlepage

Rebekah Littlepage

Speaker of Senate


Headshot of Madison Wesley

Madison Wesley

Internal Holdover Senator


Headshot of Trenton Stern

Trenton Stern

External Holdover Senator


Headshot of Alex Woodall

Alex Woodall



 Senate Leadership
Role Name  Pronouns      
Speaker of Senate Rebekah Littlepage she/her/hers      
Secretary of Senate Sarah Syed  she/her/hers      
Student Trustee Joe Cortas he/him/his      
At-Large Senator Asmaa Yazid she/her/hers      
At-Large Senator Harshman Sihra he/they      
At-Large Senator Jessie Hudgens she/her/hers      
At-Large Senator Justin Pappachan he/him/his      
At-Large Senator Keoni Salvador he/him/his      
At-Large Senator Kyle Eischen he/him/his      
At-Large Senator Ritika Joshi she/her/hers      
At-Large Senator Yanet Hailermariam she/her/hers      
A&S Senator Sharvaree Bhalerao  she/her/hers      
A&S Senator Abigail Krempa she/her/hers       
CAHS Senator Dania Hantush she/her/hers      
CCM Senator Sean Polk        
CCM Senator Annalee Crosser        
CEAS Senator Ethan Haight  he/him/his      
CEAS Senator Jack Hennegan he/him/his      
CECH Senator Riley Blakely she/her/hers      
CECH Senator Jalen Tucker he/him/his      
CoM Senator Diviyashree Kasiviswanathan        
CoM Senator Katie Love        
CoN Senator Maddie Fastinger        
CoN Senator Rachel Booher        
DAAP Senator Miami Celentana she/her/hers      
DAAP Senator Jason Kieth        
LSA Senator Zulqarnayan Hossain he/him/his      
LSA Senator Sahana Sathiyanarayanan she/her/hers      
UC Blue Ash Senator  Jack Tallman        
UC Blue Ash Senator  Luke Heflin        
RHA Senator  Anthony Paoletta he/him/his      
SAB Senator Binta Drammeh she/her/hers      
SSB Senator Jack Fitzpatrick he/him/his      
Campus Life Committee
Role Name  Pronouns
Campus Life Committee Co-Chair Lucy Gharibian-Abgerg she/her
Campus Life Committee Co-Chair Deron Maina he/him
Director of Athletics and Spirit Sydney Richardson she/her
Co-Director of Campus Services Kirtanaa Muthukrishnan she/her
Co-Director of Campus Services El Madhi Momayiz he/him
Director of Sustainability Daoud "Woody" Saadeh he/him
Director of Transportation Max Kemats he/him
Director of Career Services Jack Hennegan he/him
Equity & Inclusion Committee
Role Name  Pronouns
Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair Chiara Contessa she/her
Co-Director of Black Student Advocacy Jordyn Bailey she/her
Co-Director of Black Student Advocacy Trinity Marsh she/her
Director of Ethnic and Cultural Services Eliana Tetteh she/her
Director of Women's Advocacy Anijah Slaughter she/her
Director of Accessibility Services Abigail Krempa she/her
Director of International Student Advocacy Devansh Saxena he/him
Director of LGBTQ+ Advocacy Ellie Hite she/her
Governmental Relations Committee
Role Name  Pronouns
Governmental Relations Committee Chair Thomas Strefelt he/him
Director of Community Affairs Andrew Forman he/him
Director of City Relations Emily Dalton she/her
Director of State Advocacy  Kendra Perkins she/her
Director of Federal Advocacy Sebastian Losacker-Arenas he/him
Student Rights & Interests Commitee
Role Name  Pronouns
Student Rights and Interests Committee Co-Chair Sydney Tino she/her
Student Rights and Interests Committee Co-Chair Adelene Somerville she/her
Co-Director of Academic Affairs Katie McGuire she/her
Co-Director of Academic Affairs Priyanshi Kulshrestha she/her
Director of Financial Literacy Mackenzie Brunecz she/her
Co-Director of Gender-Based Violence Prevention Vanessa Livingston she/her
Co-Director of Gender-Based Violence Prevention Candace Thiel she/her
Co-Director of Health and Wellness Jack Huggins he/him
Co-Director of Health and Wellness Simran Mehetre she/her
Director of Veterans Affairs Ryan Sketch he/him
 Tribunal Leadership
Role Name  Pronouns
A&S President Ashish Bommasani  
CAHS President Elliana Charette  
CCM President Matthias Young  
CEAS President Robbie Schad he/him/his
CECH President Keyona Schill  
CoM President Alex Snyder  
CoN President Alex Lewis  
DAAP President Anna Stanley  
LSA President Francis Christian  
UC Blue Ash President Jessica Vidourek  
UC Clermont President Ethan Arguello  
Board Leadership
Role Name  Pronouns
SAB President Samir Siddiqui he/him/his
SSB President Emily Whitehead she/her/hers
UFB President Rohan Desarapu he/him/his
Administrative Staff
Role Name  Pronouns
Presidential Chief of Staff Jada Teregeyo she/her/hers
Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Zac Worth he/him/his
Membership Manager Fred Connor he/him/his
Alumni Relations Manager  Lexie Neuenschwander she/her/hers
Communications Manager  Vic Patel he/him/his
Campus Engagement Manager  Shalini Hayenga  
SGMP Manager  Jaela Kennedy  she/her/hers
Treasury Secretary Claire Nguyen she/her/hers