Student Government

Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government is the official representative of all undergraduate students attending the University of Cincinnati.

Serving as the primary representative organization of the undergraduate student body, Student Government seeks to act as a liaison between the University administration, governmental authorities, and the student body in order to serve the needs of Bearcats and enhance the student experience at the University of Cincinnati.


The Executive Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government consists of the President, Vice President, Executive Staff, and Cabinet. The President of the Undergraduate Student Government has the enumerated powers to veto any legislation of the Student Senate as well as to nominate members of the Cabinet, Executive Staff, and Student Court. The Executive Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government is responsible for the execution of legislation from the Student Senate as well as acting as liaisons between Student Government and all areas of campus.

Student Court Serves as the Judicial Branch of Undergraduate Student Government.

The Legislative Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government consists of the Speaker of Senate, Internal & External Holdover Senators, 8 At-Large Senators, 2 Senators from each undergraduate college, 1 Senator from each Board under Senate's jurisdiction, and a Secretary of Senate. Student Senate is responsible for changing the constitution, bylaws, or rules of procedure for the Undergraduate Student Government. Additionally, Student Senate approves the Undergraduate Student Government budget, makes recommendations to the University on behalf on the Undergraduate Student Body, and elect the rest of the executive team not elected in Student Body elections. Student Senate has jurisdiction over the University Funding Board, Student Activities Board, and the Student Safety Board, who govern all registered undergraduate student organizations except social fraternities, social sororities, and Residence Hall Organizations.