Staff Senate

The  University of Cincinnati Staff Senate is an advisory body to the President of the University and University administration. Staff Senate endeavors to have a duly representative and diverse membership with equitable representation among various colleges, divisions and departments.


As the voice of staff, UC Staff Senate will bring an equitable diversity to university direction, helping to raise the institution to a new level of service and preeminence.


UC Staff Senate serves the university by promoting, protecting and representing the interests and perspective of university staff. The inclusion of a staff voice provides added talent and diversity to the university mission of serving and educating students, and enriching the university, city, state and global community.


To be eligible for Staff Senate, you must be a current staff member and not principally charged with teaching.

Requirements of Senators

  • Attend all-Senate Meetings (minimum of five per year)
  • Attend Monthly Committee Meetings (as needed by your assigned committee)
  • Participation in other various events based on availability
  • Must have prior approval from your manager/supervisor

Staff Senate

The term of a senator is two (2) years. The time commitment for a senator will vary depending upon their role and level of involvement, but we estimate that most senators will spend 2 to 5 hours per month on Staff Senate duties.

You do not have to be a Senator to take part in Staff Senate activities, attend general Senate meetings or join a Staff Senate Committee. To get involved, email us.


Nominations will be accepted from March 13-April 15, 2020. All staff employees of the university not principally charged with teaching are eligible to nominate themselves or nominate other eligible staff members. To run for senate, nominees must have approval from their direct manager/supervisor.

To nominate a candidate for Staff Senate, complete the nomination form within the Bearcats Landing intranet site to nominate yourself or another eligible staff member to serve on the Staff Senate. Note that nominated staff members will have the option to accept or decline their nomination and nominated candidates must have approval from their direct manager/supervisor.

All nominations must be received by April 15, and manager approvals must be received by April 20, 2020.

We want to hear from you!

UC Staff Senate welcomes ideas from University staff. Ideas and comments you share with the University Staff Senate are discussed in the monthly meetings. When appropriate, ideas and action items are taken to the University leadership for consideration.