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Institute for Policy Research

Welcome to the Institute for Policy Research

UC’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR) fills a unique niche within public higher education in Ohio.  Unlike other academic centers, the IPR focuses on the production of public policy research.  The IPR has engaged in public policy research through innovation, partnership, and research excellence for over thirty-five years.  High ethical standards and commitment to real-world learning, health in the 21st century, pioneering science and technology, creativity, innovation, and the UC experience distinguish the IPR.  The IPR was a pioneer in random-digit dialing (RDD) techniques for conducting scientific surveys of public opinion.  IPR’s research staff collaborates with faculty and staff representing diverse academic disciplines and with clientele at the national, state, regional, and community levels from the governmental and not-for-profit sectors.

Current IPR projects are in the areas of health policy, workforce and economic development, organ donation, and race relations.

The IPR employs professional staff members and undergraduate and graduate students; additional consultants are employed as needed.  The IPR collaborates with faculty and staff throughout UC, as called for by particular research projects.