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UC's 1819 Innovation Hub bulding

UC's 1819 Innovation Hub

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Place Marketing: How one Midwestern city is transforming its brand

UC's 1819 Innovation Hub exemplifies the notion "that Cincinnati is an innovative, energetic, growing city that makes visitors and locals alike feel a deep sense of connection and possibility," according to Forbes Senior Contributor Shama Hyder. Her coverage explores what cities are doing to stay competitive, focusing on Cincinnati and its use of placemaking and storytelling to foster inclusion and innovation. 


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The history and mystery of Purell

Experts representing UC’s James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy spoke to the Washington Post about the efficacy and proper use of hand sanitizers like Purell during the COVID-19 outbreak. In the late 1980s, company Gojo developed a clear, alcohol-based, emollient-enriched disinfecting substance that was dispensed by a pump bottle and required no water at all. The article quotes alumna Kelly Dobos, a former Gojo cosmetic chemist who now sits on the college’s board of advisors, and professor K.P. Ananth.

Military dog wearing helmet
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New technology may protect hero military working dogs from hearing loss

UC’s Dr. Pete Scheifele is partnering with Zeteo Tech Inc. to develop the Canine Auditory Protection System to prevent short-term hearing loss in military working dogs. The system uses lightweight acoustic materials that absorb and block unwanted sounds. The project was reported on by MSN, Good Morning America, Yahoothe Army Research Laboratory and many others. 

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Infectious disease expert on the spread of COVID-19

International media such as Time magazine and the Huffington Post turned to Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum of UC's Division of Infectious Diseases to discuss proper hand sanitation and how the virus is spread. He also spoke to Popular Mechanics magazine about the short supply of virus tests, while Men's Health and dozens of other outlets quoted him in stories about what to do if you live with someone who has the virus.

Students in a medical clinic
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University students create free health clinic to serve uninsured people

Medical students and physician-faculty at UC's College of Medicine opened a free health clinic in northern Hamilton County in hopes of increasing access to health care services for uninsured Tristate residents. CNN highlighted their work as part of its Human Kindness series.

UC Biology professor Bruce Jayne holds a snake
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These snakes can jump — and scientists want to know why

UC biologist Bruce Jayne, who studies snake locomotion, explains how some snakes have pushed their slithering skills to extremes to sail through the air from treetop to treetop in the forest canopy while hunting or eluding predators.


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Menachem 'Moniek' Lipszyc with his siblings in April of 1945

Hope after hate

UC professor and Emmy-award winning journalist shares her father’s Holocaust survival story with lessons to inspire action against hatred and bigotry today.

A UC Student teacher high fives an elementary school student

Good neighbors - better partners

UC, Cincinnati Public Schools work together to create something special at a new school.

Jennifer Wright-Berryman, assistant professor in the School of Social Work

Role reversal

UC breast cancer surgeon Beth Shaughnessy learns firsthand what it’s like to overcome cancer and keeps kindness and positivity at the center of her healing

Engineering assistant professor Jiaqi Ma shows off this driverless Lexus in UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub.

Traffic of tomorrow

More driverless cars. More networked roads. More naps. UC is helping change how we drive.


Kerry Ulm, A&S ’19 works on a dig site in Greece

First person

How my UC graduate program led me to a top-secret project in Greece

UC President Neville Pinto

From the President's desk

President Pinto addresses the Coronavirus pandemic

Kristin Dillenburger, DAAP architecture graduate student

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Military working dog wearing UC-designed hearing-loss protection

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UC Student Body President Chandler Rankin

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Emerging from a crisis more empathetic, grateful and united