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Pre-Law Resources


UC Resources

  • UC libraries - There are dozens and dozens of books addressing legal topics, legal specialities, law school, etc. 



  • The LSAT - Official LSAT information, registration and more, from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC)
  • PPAC's LSAT resource web page for a listing of preparation resources


Internships and Career Exploration

  • College to Congress - Congressional internship program on Capitol Hill  
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute: Internship Program Application:

  • Washington Center Internships in Washington, D.C. - Many pre-law students gain real-world experience across different governmental agencies through the Washington Center internship program. 
  • Summer Work Experience in Law (SWEL) program - Cincinnati Legal internship program geared toward underrepresented minority students interested in law school and a legal career
  • Sidley Prelaw Scholars Program - The Sidley Prelaw Scholars Program is designed to increase diversity in law schools and the legal profession by helping diverse, high-performing college students with financial needs offset the high costs of LSAT preparation classes and admissions applications and by helping them prepare for the first year of law school.
  • How to practice safe networking - Whether you are connecting with an alum, a potential employer or a friend of a friend, it's important to take safety precautions when meeting someone new. "Networking up" creates a power dynamic that can at times be difficult to navigate. Consider these tips and advice to help keep you safe.
  • Should You Really Be a Lawyer? by Deborah Schneider & Gary Belsky



General Resources


Exploring Law Schools


Financial Information

Law School Admission Council - Financial Aid Options

AccessLex Institute 

  • Max Pre-Law
    • An online suite of resources offering interactive lessons, webinars, worksheets, checklists and even one-on-one financial strategy coaching from Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC®) and other financial aid experts – to provide aspiring law students with answers to their most pressing questions. 
    • Lessons include Your Law School Investment, Paying for Law School, Getting into Law School and Understanding Law School Admissions and Financial Aid. MAX Pre-Law is available FREE to all aspiring law students.
  • AccessConnex
    • Service that provides on-demand, one-on-one student loan and financial education information to incoming graduate and professional students to help set them on a sound financial path. 
  • Financing Your Legal Education  & other webinars

UC One Stop Student Service Center - Student Money Management

UC Student Financial Aid


Diversity and Implicit Bias
  • Harvard’s free implicit bias quizzes. Find out your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other topics


Exploring Alternative Legal Careers

  • J.D. Advantage Careers
    • What is a JD advantage career? In recent years, the term of art “J.D. advantage” was coined to describe careers that don’t require a license to practice law but for which applicants would be greatly advantaged in the job search process if they’ve earned a J.D. These careers span across the public and private sectors and touch on almost all industries involved in the job search today. 
    • Learn more from, as well as the American Bar Association for Law Students.
  • Legal Occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • You can still be connected to the legal fied without earning a J.D. Read about careers as Mediators, Arbitrators, Legal assitants and more.