Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Vaccine Requirement

In response to full FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the University of Cincinnati will require students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The university is taking this step to promote the health and safety of our university community. Research shows vaccines are the most effective form of protection against COVID-19.  

The deadline for all UC students, faculty and staff to have at least the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is October 15, 2021. Those receiving a two-dose sequence must have received the second dose by November 15, 2021. All World Health Organization endorsed vaccines, including those in the U.S. made by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, will fulfill the vaccine requirement. Booster shots may also be required in the future.

Facial Coverings

Given the most-recent developments with the virus, and in keeping with new guidance from the CDC, we will require all individuals, both fully vaccinated and those not fully vaccinated, to wear a facial covering indoors (unless you have received an exemption or accommodation; or when eating, drinking or alone in a private room). See more details on facial coverings.

Those who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear facial covering when outdoors and unable to maintain social distancing. Individuals who are not wearing a facial covering when outdoors are attesting to compliance with this requirement.

Fall Term 2021 Screening Testing

Currently, the university is offering weekly  COVID screening testing. The testing site is located on the ground level of Steger Student Life Center.  

Faculty, staff and students can submit proof of vaccination, which consists of a snapshot of your vaccination card,  via the UC COVID Check app and the web-based version of the COVID Check app. Please do not submit other materials at this link. 

The university may revisit these testing practices and protocols, depending on testing needs and the changing context.

Quarantine and Isolation

Given that broad access to vaccines is available, on-campus quarantine and isolation housing is on reserve for student use but may be limited depending on events. Thus, on-campus quarantine and isolation housing cannot be guaranteed at any time. All students should have individual plans for isolation and quarantine housing in the event they are required to do so. Let’s remember that vaccination is currently the best way to prevent the need to quarantine or isolate.

UC COVID Check App

The UC COVID Check App will remain in use and operation during Fall 2021. 

 Students are required – and faculty, staff and visitors are strongly encouraged – to report via the UC COVID Check App if they develop viral symptoms, receive a positive COVID test result or have been in close contact with a COVID-positive person.   


The university’s physician-led COVID Response Team is closely monitoring, local, regional, national and global trends related to COVID 19. Current standard policies apply to university-related domestic travel. International travel, is subject to additional review in light of changing circumstances.

To Remember

As we move forward together as a community, let’s also remember our campus practices may need to change as conditions change. As such, all COVID-19 practices and policies are subject to revision and updates.  


Please read the above information, links and other navigation on this page.  If you still have questions after reviewing the available information, please email Please check this site regularly as all COVID-19 practices and policies delineated throughout this site are subject to revision and updates.