Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


July 25, 2022
In response to local increases in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations facial masking is required in all buildings of the College of Medicine. Facial masks (N95 and KN95 are recommended) must be worn at all times except when alone in an enclosed office or when eating.

It will be at the discretion of meeting conveners as to whether to switch to virtual meetings or keep in-person meetings, however, when meeting in person, face masks should be worn along with maintaining physical distancing.

Classes within the College of Medicine will continue in person, but face masks will be required in class.

Vaccine Practices

The University of Cincinnati no longer requires but strongly recommends faculty, staff and students receive COVID-19 vaccines.  It is important to note that the university will continue to consult with medical and public health experts and may change its response as needed.

According to the CDC, up-to-date vaccination, which includes boosters, is generally the most effective way to protect oneself and others from COVID-19. In particular, students in residential housing are strongly encouraged to get COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses.

COVID-19 Toolkit

A COVID-19 Toolkit is now available with resources to keep you and others safe.
The toolkit includes information and resources regarding:

  • Vaccines
  • Testing
  • Treatments
  • Masking

Following updated CDC guidance, facial masks are no longer required to be worn inside campus buildings. Guidance is subject to change.

It is important to note:
Masks will continue to be required on UC operated transportation, in clinical settings and for at least ten days after an exposure to COVID-19 or a COVID-19 diagnosis, regardless of vaccination status.   


The university’s physician-led COVID Response Team is closely monitoring, local, regional, national and global trends related to COVID 19. Current standard policies apply to university-related domestic travel. International travel, is subject to additional review in light of changing circumstances. Please see the Travel & Study Abroad page for updates.

Quarantine and Isolation

Given that broad access to vaccines is available, on-campus quarantine and isolation housing is on reserve for residential student use but may be limited depending on events. Thus, on-campus quarantine and isolation housing cannot be guaranteed at any time. All student residents should have individual plans for isolation and quarantine housing in the event they are required to do so. Let’s remember that vaccination, including a booster dose, is currently the best way to prevent the need to quarantine or isolate.

UC COVID Check App

The UC COVID Check App will remain in use and operation during the Fall 2022 Semester. 

 Students are required – and faculty, staff and visitors are strongly encouraged – to report via the UC COVID Check App if they develop viral symptoms, receive a positive COVID test result or have been in close contact with a COVID-positive person.   

To Remember

As we move forward together as a community, let’s also remember our campus practices may need to change as conditions change. As such, all COVID-19 practices and policies are subject to revision and updates.  


Please read the above information, links and other navigation on this page.  If you still have questions after reviewing the available information, please email Please check this site regularly as all COVID-19 practices and policies delineated throughout this site are subject to revision and updates.