Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The circumstances and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are no less than historic – demanding significant changes of us in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of our students and campus community.  

But no matter the operational adaptations, whether remote learning or remote working, the University of Cincinnati is open.

And, most importantly, our collective goal and the purpose of the university remains unchanged – to fulfill and safeguard our core academic mission on behalf of our students and their families.

With confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ohio, in the greater Cincinnati region and now within our university community, the University of Cincinnati continues with travel restrictions, self-quarantine and reporting requirements as a result of travel, close contact with cases, or individual symptoms. These measures, as well as guidance on remote instruction and large gatherings, are in place out of care and concern for all members of our campus community and the safeguarding of public health in accordance with the State of Ohio's Stay-at-Home and Stay Safe orders.

To lead our efforts, President Neville Pinto has convened a Public Health Response Team, comprised of senior university leadership, and has created this website to share information with the UC community.

What you Need to Know

As the university continues to monitor the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, changes are happening rapidly. Keeping our community up-to-date on how our standard campus operations and procedures have changed is a priority. 

Return to Campus Provisional Planning

Building blocks of UC's Return to Campus Planning focus on safety protocols and stepwise phases to guide this process. Phase one begins on June 1 and consists of a gradual return to campus of UC researchers. Phase two begins on July 1 and consists of the return of some employees. Phase three  begins on August 3 and consists of other employees. Phase four will coincide with the start of Fall semester on August 24. All phases presume that safety protocols are and will be followed.

This planning and all processes are open to change. Given that any return to campus planning is a work in progress, we would benefit greatly from your advice and assistance. The RTC Task Force, comprised of stakeholders from across campus, will continue to build out this provisional plan in the weeks and months ahead. If you have thoughts or questions on how to better our planning efforts, now or in the future, please send your ideas to

CARES Act Funding to Students

More than 22,000 University of Cincinnati students are receiving some much-needed relief mid-May as the university begins distribution of $11.7 million in federal CARES Act funds to students most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities were entrusted to distribute the funds, and UC leaders chose to put the dollars in as many hands as possible by providing funding to every student who was enrolled at least half-time and was eligible for federal student aid at the time UC transitioned to virtual learning.

Approximately 11,000 UC students with financial need who were enrolled at least half-time in the spring semester will receive $500, and another 11,000 or so students — those with Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that demonstrate more financial security — will receive a total of $250.

Bearcats Emergency Fund

In these unprecedented times, it’s important to care for ourselves, our families and those in our communities. Our students are now facing extenuating circumstances related to housing, food and other vital resources. Please consider a donation for our students in need. 

The fund will allow limited financial assistance to currently-enrolled, full-time students who are impacted by unanticipated and/or temporary hardships from an emergency or crisis.

Summer Session Moves to Remote Learning

For Summer Session 2020 (May 11-August 8), UC will continue suspension of face-to-face instruction, lectures, discussion sessions, seminars and similar classroom settings and will conduct classes via remote learning only. Instruction that involves labs, studios, music lessons and clinical experiences may meet at the discretion of the dean provided that national and/or state regulations do not preclude such activities and that social distancing is observed and respected.

Remote Work Extended

 The current practice of remote working will continue until further notice. Employees should use university-supported technology (e.g., WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.) to assist with remote work. Other platforms not supported by IT@UC present unnecessary privacy, security and support risks to the university. To clarify, the university remains open and all essential services will be maintained on all campuses.

Travel and Study Abroad

  • UC is extending suspension of all university-related international travel through June 30, 2020.
  • University-sponsored domestic air travel will continue to be limited to business essential until June 30, 2020.
  • All study abroad is canceled and prohibited for the entire Summer Session.
  • International and certain domestic travel as well as close contact and/or symptoms of COVID-19 require reporting to University Health Service.   

Residence Halls

Residence halls and dining halls will continue to be closed for Summer Session, except for students who have waivers. See more on food service and housing

Students remaining on campus (and employees working on campus this summer) are required to wear facial coverings.  

Summer Camps

There will be no summer camps held on the university's campus. Some camps may be held virtually.


Please read the above information, links and other navigation on this page. Also, visit the University Health Services web site. If you still have questions after reviewing the available information, please email or call the university at 513-556-7200.

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