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Students on Steps

What does it mean to be a pre-health student? 

  • You have the desire to work in a health-related field, such as: Medicine,  Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Podiatry
  • You are working with the Pre-Professional Advising Center by attending workshops and advising sessions 
  • You understand that pre-health students must have possess these important qualities which they work on throughout their undergraduate career:
1.     Competitive Metrics
  • You are maintaining a high undergraduate GPA and devoting time to earning a competitive admission test score
  • You plan to apply to professional school after completing undergraduate coursework and are investigating admissions expectations of these schools
  • You are majoring in a field which interests you and taking natural science courses and other prerequisites required by the professional schools to which you plan to apply 

2.     Personal Attributes

  • You are strengthening your leadership skills by actively participating in campus clubs and organizations 
  • You are willing to commit your time to volunteerism and community service 
  • You are acting, thinking and communicating as a professional at all times 

3.     Meaningful Experiences

  • You are networking and making connections with professionals in your desired health-related field 
  • You are gaining exposure through first-hand shadowing and observation experiences
  • You are investigating alternative career options
  • You are exploring the field through employment opportunities

Explore the pre-health tracks linked on this page that interest you.  Attend a Pre-Health Introduction Workshop and then meet with a Pre-Professional Advisor to discuss your interest in health professions.