Pre-Health Courses

Exploring Health Professions

PD 1000
Typically offered: fall and spring
Credit hours: 3
Recommended for first- and second-year students who are interested in a professional career in healthcare.

In this course, students will gain a wider and deeper understanding of the variety of health professions and how to prepare for them. Students will explore the human side of healthcare, including professionalism, ethical behaviors, healthcare disparities, cross-cultural care, and collaboration. After completing the course, students will have the option to gain real-world experience in a healthcare setting and earn course credit by doing a pre-health internship along with the INT reflection course.

Professionalism, Purpose and Success on the Pre-Health Pathway

PD 2045
Typically offered: fall and spring
Credit hours: 2
Recommended for second-year/sophomore students who are interested in a professional career in healthcare.

This two-credit mid-collegiate career education course is focused on applying, integrating and deepening knowledge of co-curricular content for pre-health students including research, continued professional development, pre-professional school application preparation and understanding the benefits of experiential learning for career exploration. With a core component of reflection, students will consider their aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, preferences and values as they relate to health professions pathways and develop short- and long-term professional goals and parallel plans in pursuit of their intended professional pathway.

Professionalsm and Public Health Pathways

PD 2088
Typically offered: fall and spring
Credit hours: 3
Recommended for students who are majoring in public health.

This mid-curricular professional development course is designed for students majoring in public health to explore professional pathways that align with their goals and to develop skills and resources necessary to pursue graduate training opportunities.

While students build a professional portfolio (resume, cover letter/personal statement, networking profiles), they will also engage in self-exploration exercises rooted in reflection to further explore their sense of purpose and to connect major, career and self with corresponding career interests. In this unique course, students will discover pathways to professional schools and learn what it takes to be successful. Students will analyze and discuss the social and ethical dimensions of the workplace to better understand their relationship with and development of professionalism. Through active exploration of career goals and the professional world that waits to meet them, this course will assist students in closing the gap between the academic application of career-readiness concepts and their pragmatic use in the workplace while also revealing the purpose that is driving their professional development.

Internship Reflection Course

INT 3001-3074

This is an online reflection course intended to deepen your internship experience. Students set goals and reflect on their experiences so they can articulate their growth and learning. Students can take the course more than once.