Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase

The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an annual event where students from across the university communicate original research and scholarly work in the form of poster and podium presentations. The Showcase provides an important professional development opportunity for students and is commonly used to satisfy course and capstone requirements.

The 2022 Showcase will feature virtual and in-person options for presenting. In-person presentations will be held Friday, April 22, in Tangeman University Center.

In 2021, more than 450 students from more than 30 disciplines presented and/or published nearly 300 projects.

View recordings of the 2021 Capstone Competition in which 13 students delivered live, three-minute presentations of their capstone projects to a panel of judges and peers via video conference.

We also invite you to browse more than 180, five-minute recorded presentations in the following nine categories. Consider sharing supportive comments with presenters on their YouTube pages.

Excellence in Research Mentoring Award

Each year, Showcase presenters are invited to nominate their project advisor for an Excellence in Research Mentoring Award. This year, students nominated 40 advisors from whom eight awardees were selected. Congratulations to the 2021 award recipients!

Excellence in Research Mentoring Award Recipients for 2021
Name Title College
Dr. Valerie Anderson Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Dr. Lisa Beckelhimer Professor of English and Comparative Literature College of Arts and Sciences
Mr. Ronald Canterbury Associate Academic Director and Professional Ornithologist in Biological Sciences College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Helen Jones Assistant Professor of Pediatric Surgery College of Medicine
Dr. Heidi Kloos Associate Professor, Psychology College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Andrew Lewis Associate Professor of Political Science College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Matthew Robson Assistant Professor of Pharmacy James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
Dr. Anjanette Wells Assistant Professor of Social Work College of Allied Health Sciences

Proceedings of the Scholarly Showcase

Students may submit abstracts (required), posters (optional), slide decks (optional), essays (optional), three- to five-minute pre-recorded presentations (optional), and other artifacts of their work for publication in the Showcase Proceedings.

What to Expect at the Showcase

This video describes the in-person Showcase but has some relevant information for the virtual version, too.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/eAlrxsfyQnE?rel=0

What Qualifies as "Scholarly"?

This video describes what is meant by "scholarly" and is relevant for students planning to participate in the virtual Showcase.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6iCXJuUKHLE?rel=0

Preparing Your Presentation

This video describes how to prepare a presentation for the in-person Showcase but is relevant for students preparing for the virtual Showcase, too.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tYyHZb5EopU?rel=0