Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase

The Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase is an annual event where students from across the university communicate original research and scholarly work in the form of virtual and in-person presentations. The Showcase is an important professional development opportunity for students and is commonly used to satisfy course and capstone requirements.

The Showcase typically takes place in April during the last week of classes. We typically open registration for showcase presenters in January or February.

Ways to Participate

Faculty, staff students participated in the Podium Presentations /Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase and Poster Session at Tangeman University Center (TUC) Friday April 22, 2022. Photos by Joseph Fuqua II

Poster session in Tangeman University Center Atrium. Photo/Joseph Fuqua II

Presenter registration will open in January or February 2025. In the meantime, check out the presentation formats and how to prepare.

Reviewers provide the constructive feedback that students crave. We aim for each presentation to receive at least two professional reviews and one peer review.

  • Faculty, staff, administrators, graduate students, employer partners and community partners make great professional reviewers.
  • Undergraduate students make great peer reviewers.
  • Subject matter expertise is not necessary.
  • Lunch and parking is provided to in-person reviewers.
  • View our Reviewer Training Video
  • Reviewer registration will open in spring 2025

Presentation Formats

This event emphasizes cross-disciplinary research communication. Presentations should be oriented to people outside your field. Presenters may choose from the following presentation options.

Students who want to present in more than one format should register each presentation separately.


Presenters record a five-minute video and upload the video with accurate captions to YouTube. We display the videos on the Showcase website for formal and informal review for one week. Training is recommended. Great option for large groups. See past video presentations.

Modelled after the Three-Minute Thesis competition for graduate students, presenters have just three minutes to convey the purpose, process and outcome of their capstone project using just one slide and outstanding storytelling. One coaching session is required; additional coaching sessions are available. Individual presenters only. The Capstone Competition will take place in two sessions (11 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m.) on a date TBA, on Zoom. See examples of prior Capstone Competition presentations.

In Person

two people study a research poster

A student presents her research poster to a reviewer. Photo/Joe Fuqua II

Using slide software, students create a poster (minimum size 12” x 18”, maximum 36" x 48"), have it printed, and bring the printed poster to their assigned poster session. Up to three students may present the same poster in the same session. Groups larger than three students should split into two groups when registering. Poster presentations will take place in two sessions (10 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m.) on a date TBA in Tangeman University Center.

a young person presents at a podium while others look on

Students take turns presenting before taking questions from the audience. Photo/Joe Fuqua II

Students create an eight-minute presentation using slide software and/or other visual aids at their discretion - a great option for those who wish to integrate singing, readings or other forms of creative expression. After presenting, students become part of a panel that fields questions from the audience. Individual presenters only. Podium-panel presentations will take place in two sessions (9 to 10 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m.) on a date TBA in Tangeman University Center.

Preparing for the Showcase

Live Sessions

Attend this informal meeting to learn more about options for presenting and publishing and how to frame your presentation for a multidisciplinary audience.

Bring your presentation as a work in progress, no matter what stage it is in. Presentation coaches will give supportive feedback and guidance to help you make it great.


Watch this video to get a sense of what to expect at the University of Cincinnati's Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase.

This video describes what is meant by "scholarly" and is relevant for students planning to participate in the virtual Showcase.

Watch this video for insight on how to use storytelling techniques to turn your “report of scholarly process” into a compelling poster, podium, or Capstone Competition presentation.


Showcase Director

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MK Lamkin, PhD

Director of Undergraduate Research and Associate Professor

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