Co-op experiences are career-oriented, transcripted, and compensated. They require academic preparation, faculty mentorship and assessment, and guided student reflection that integrates the experience to student learning goals and their academic curriculum.

A pillar of the University’s Next Lives Here strategic direction is the evolution and expansion of co-op.

Building on our signature programs in DAAP, Engineering, IT, and Business, we are creating flexible pathways to meaningful, career-oriented, compensated experiences for all UC students. We are expanding our reach to all corners of the university, meeting students where they are, to respond to the evolving needs of a global workforce.

What does this mean for me?

By integrating quality work experiences into your education, you can:

  • gain professional, major-related work experience while still a student
  • develop cross-cutting skills (also called transferable skills) that are valued by any employer, and learn how to talk about those skills confidently in an interview
  • evaluate potential career options
  • expand your professional network
  • enhance your resume
  • earn income