At the University of Cincinnati, we know co-op. We ought to – we invented it in 1906, and we’ve been doing it well ever since.

Cooperative education (often shortened to “co-op”) is an educational model in which a student alternates traditional academic semesters with semesters spent working in the field.

Building on our signature co-op programs in design, engineering, IT and business, we are creating flexible pathways to meaningful, career-oriented, compensated experiences for all UC students. We are expanding our reach to all corners of the university, meeting students where they are, and responding to the evolving needs of a global workforce.

We’re making the benefits of cooperative education more accessible to students who must maintain part-time jobs, those who take courses while working to stay on track academically, and those who have little to no professional preparation or work experience before enrolling at UC.

What does this mean for me?

By integrating quality work experiences into your education, you can:

  • gain professional, major-related work experience while still a student
  • develop cross-cutting skills (also called transferable skills) that are valued by any employer, and learn how to talk about those skills confidently in an interview
  • evaluate potential career options
  • expand your professional network
  • enhance your resume
  • earn income

Where to go from here